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What is Schroder?

of Shre ́ der (English shredder - an izmelchatel, a kromsatel) is used for crushing of paper in very small strips or tiny pieces. The government organizations, the enterprises and individuals are used by shreder for destruction of private or confidential documents. Experts recommend to destroy accounts, credit cards, bank statements and other documents which can be used for fraud or theft of personal data. (Source: Wikipedia)

When it is raining or snow, me is often remembered one cheerful history about Schroder.

In times nice, years so in 1993 - 1995 I bought the exterminator of documents. What for? Good question. All of us, want that or not really, we work with the huge mass of documents: papers, pieces of paper, stickers, notes, brochures, etc.

saves this garbage at hand. Just a wastepaper basket - it is somehow not really cool. Here also bought. Yes did not stint, however, and took all such fancy device, powerful moreover and automatic. When there a piece of paper you put it, he distinguishes such business and begins to crumble it in small dust. Lyapota, I will report on you!

Having played with it several minutes of the house, left - the device at rest and was engaged in the routine affairs. That is, it was necessary to go behind goods. And in times those all it was cool. It is better to carry there was cash (color of a cash did not play a special role: white / black, Baku or wooden - all the same if only was enough for needs). Why cash? Well, for those who is not aware, I will explain.

Banks then strongly tried that to the maximum our money to twist and profit, naturally. From - for this circumstances bank payment could come to the destination both in a week, and through two, and in a month. It now - that with any systems of electronic payments money departs to seconds, and to banks only and remains that tiny protsentik from the unique transaction... Here also stir up us different zamanukhy like the credits, a mortgage and loans now (And you take, take! Who considers them?!) .

Well, distracted a little. I prepare in a trip. Counted everything, verified everything, made lists., It seems, everything is also ready. It was necessary only to prepare money, and it is possible safely at way. Got ill-matched currency from a box and, sitting at a table, began to count and display piles on a table.

And the summer was warm it, solar. Windows wide open. As suddenly the breeze slightly blew, and the hundred dollar note unostentatiously slipped from already prepared pile. On the varnished table surface softly proskolzit, and from the table edge vertically fell... directly in a mouth of this insatiable paper terminator! This automatic machine distinguished a subject the photodetector, and the sotochka of evergreen turned into a small small group of expensive dust. Since then " function; car I ceased to include. Nevertheless, unit cost sharply increased for $100.

As my Schroder was classified under the international standards as fourth " level; (quite high degree of privacy), according to the same DIN 32757 standard it did small pieces of 215 millimeters in size of sheets of paper. In a day before New year the pure plastic bag was put on Schroder`s basket, and purchased color " paper was used; for children`s creativity . Thus in several minutes it was possible to cut New Year`s confetti. Judging by a sound of the working mechanical knives, green paper was pleasant to it more.

Well and under the final - it is a little about safety at the handling of such equipment. As you understand, hundred dollars cost nothing in comparison with the lost health. Therefore in operating time with Schroder it is necessary to observe some precautionary measures. If the device is used at home, then it surely has to be in the switched-off state till the moment of work with it. It is especially actual if in the house there are small children and compact decorative animals.

When using of Schroder at office women need to watch floors of the easy clothes, any scarves and kerchiefs, and also chains and pendents. Men should watch mostly a tie which can tighten in Schroder. It is only at first sight the car is safe and sluggish. You will be pleasantly surprised with the speed of its approach to the person. Besides, the tie unambiguously should be cut off, and Schroder to subject to unplanned preventive cleaning.

RTFM as speak in the computer world. (Read and observe the instruction).

Take care.