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Time a step, two a step - will be a short flight of stairs?

Will be! I will eat my boots! There will be a step - there will be also a short flight of stairs! whether

you Reflected sometime that it step in our life? I tried! It turned out that about to a step it is possible to write theses! So much interesting! Did not keep, there was a wish to share with you.

However, it is necessary to share very small shred of information as all will be extremely difficult to be transferred in small article therefore so many interesting it was necessary to leave in a draft copy. Calmed itself only thought that it is not necessary to be too greedy it is necessary to give the chance and to other researchers steps to feel pleasure of opening! So

Everything begins with something: human life - from the moment of conception, the beginning of a tree - in a sunflower seed theater as we found out recently, begins with the house!

And short flight of stairs? The short flight of stairs begins with a step! If among readers there is the one who will not believe - let will come to a landing and will be convinced.

This someone perhaps, will tell: the short flight of stairs begins not with a step, it begins much earlier! From the sketch, from mathematical calculation, for example. Right! But this sequence to us was defined by technical progress. At the beginning everything is there was a step. Or, if to trust the explanatory dictionary that other as ledge or one of the ledges (to whom that is pleasant) making a ladder. In my opinion, everything is correct: ledge - foot - to go - step . How you think?

It is necessary to pay tribute to genius of the inventor. Perhaps, in connection with the invention of a step the saying entered life: All ingenious - is simple! ?

It is difficult to present our life without steps. You can? I - am not present Without steps we had a rough time. Neither up, nor down Though cry! Only navsy some step and as it is pleasant and easy! Simple to genius, it does not lose the demand and relevance many centuries!

Who all - the author of this invention? Let`s try to bury in depth of centuries we Will take

symbolical shovel (by the way, not less brilliant invention) and it is careful, a layer behind a layer, we will go deep in secret of centuries A layer behind a layer, accurately, we make the way to a solution of secret of emergence of a step closer and closer.

What is interesting, is as if deep we not buried to the earth, all the time it turned out that steps existed always and were widely used. It seems that even earlier, than the person appeared.

logically turns out that it has to be someone else more ancient. Who is more ancient than the person?

Listen to words of the wise tsar Solomon: Go to an ant, an idler, look at it on actions, and be wise . Probably, the tsar Solomon asked similar questions too. Also I want to tell that it was very close to truth. What Solomon in the 7th century B.C. spoke about, is called " today; ethology and bionics .

It appears, the majority of opening and inventions of scientists, engineers was promoted by laborious studying of congenital behavior of live organisms, and also their structure.

For example what formed the basis of creation of the helicopter? It is not difficult to guess - of course, a dragonfly! Studying of a structure of wings of birds (their aerodynamic opportunities) was useful when designing wings of planes! Yes, what there to tell! The elementary device for swimming - flippers - a fruit of studying of a structure of extremities natatorial (you remember, such pereponochka, between fingers, for example, at ducks or a frog).

Very few people suspect that already many centuries us train dumb animals. Biological forms (we will call them so) are diverse and more difficult, than the most difficult technical designs! Look the person, and be wise!

It is a high time to return to ours to a step . Look at this small, but persistent caterpillar. She very much wants to reach a tasty green leaf somewhat quicker. But, to regale, it needs to overcome a barrier! Time - and it is already a step! And further - anything difficult: time, step two, step

Handsome mountain trestle! If he could speak, for certain would tell us that the ledge - a step on the steep rock means in his life If animals instinctive wisdom, then the person, alas, bitter experience induced to use ledges as steps.

Here is how, approximately, all this looked. There was a person along the road once, zaglyadetsya on a red little squirrel on a pine and did not notice an obstacle, stumbled about a stone and fell! Then rose, shook off, looked at a stone, put on it a leg and made it obstacle step! I joke, of course. But something in it, in my opinion, is.

Also went, went Which of us did not hear

about to a short flight of stairs - a chudesenka ? Why it chudesenka ? Yes because its steps magic . Stepped a leg into a flat tape of the escalator, and here, in a second you stand on a step! And not just you stand, and standing you go! The step you is lucky!

Word step or step today it is used in various spheres of science, equipment. For example, at start of the rocket in space, from the launch vehicle steps separate .

There are steps in education. The first step, as a rule, the smallest is an initial knowledge, and the subsequent steps speak about advance to acquisition of more profound and extensive knowledge up.

The scale of ranks entirely consists of steps. It is possible to climb these steps up, it is possible to go down Steps of a career ladder, probably, very flat and slippery - it is difficult to get upward, but it is absolutely easy to roll down down (speak, it is very sick). Therefore it is too high to get, I think, do not cost

I, at last, gardeners are fans, landscape designers - they estimated advantage and beauty of landings " for a long time; ledges in the hilly district, on low coasts of the rivers.

Surprisingly that prime cause of all this variety steps only some ledge on the rock or a tree trunk , or a usual stone on the road was

I let we so up to the end and we do not learn who the first used an obstacle as a step - a mountain goat, the caterpillar or someone another, - in all that surrounds us, is visible Wisdom - a treasury of inexhaustible knowledge!