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To win

in a roulette (ludomanam are not born) Each of us would like to receive from " air; round sums of money. Ah, what bright prospects open: beginning from improvement of quality of life, finishing with disclosure of creative potential and the social status of the rich, successful person.

the Subject of a casino and a gaming is checked by experience of generations long ago. At the seeming simplicity - it is games with a negative population mean. Therefore in the long period of time it is not the harmless games an eagle - tails and the artful pump extending your money.

Owing to psychological features of these or those people standard succession of events means three options of the final result:

1) Visit of a casino passes into the category of rare pleasures on the rayena with visit of a sauna, bowling and movie theater - sometimes to come, sit with friends, to leave counters, free binge, etc. of

2) Persuasive passion. In a pursuit of adrenaline and notorious millions of an illusive prize all available money, it is not rare to the detriment of all other vital aspects, constantly remain in cash desk of the next gambling institution. Such situation can lasts for years, immersing the person in the abyss of debts and a depression.

3) Professional player. Such are units from thousands. A difference between a hobby and a profession - the direction of the movement of finance. Spends money for a hobby of people, and he earns money with a profession.

The Evropesky roulette (with one zero) the most honest lottery in the world, but only for unique a back and the unique time in life.

As soon as you made the second rate, it is not important how and for what sum - the trap slammed. You got to the world of blind passion, bright tinsel, false smiles, false promises and large financial problems.

Each who considers that it is cleverer or more successful than others - is obviously doomed. Ahead there will be a long way from victories and defeats, high take-off and deep falling. Creation and fixing in mentality of certain templates labor-intensive process, but true. Once the person realizes himself the player and understands that Ira is necessary to him as air and business any more not in aspiration to win. So in the world becomes one ludoman more.

In developments of group N. I. M. B. (see groupnimb. com) is the unique test from questions which most of players are afraid to answer honestly. Templates in mentality and behavior of a ludoman are absolutely opposite to the professional`s templates.

Therefore - NOT to PLAY the only checked way to win in gamblings for the vast majority of people and all ways to keep the family far away from the place with the sign CASINO .