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How to organize corporate New year?

Not far off the most favourite by all holiday, childhood holiday. It smells of a fir-tree and tangerines. At the beginning of December mood New Year`s. And if also weather winter, with a blizzard and a snowball - preparation for a holiday takes place on special rise.

As process of preparation - purchase or production of gifts for friends and relatives, decoration of rooms, premeditation of the New Year`s menu and scenario of a holiday is pleasant. These are houses. And at office, at work? We will not see the colleagues all long winter holidays. Therefore also corporate action on the eve of New year has to be remembered not by quantity drunk, and to leave a gentle crape of the successful evening.

We will begin with the budget. And from style of action. The large companies and for a ride do not need to take - in advance ordered for all collective evening at restaurant, invited actors and The rest - as will turn out. Very often I had to take part in such office parties. And even most to organize them. It seems and actors well worked, and tables were generous. But there is aftertaste of some standartshchina, conventionalism. There is no soul, perhaps Therefore the scenario of carrying out such actions has to be thought carefully over. Each competition and game have to be very personal, written especially for this collective, to consider history of the company and achievement of her employees.

I will give an example. In one large corporation where I worked as the head of the sales department, we shot the movie on an amateur camera in advance. Each employee participated in interview. Questions wrote in common. They were cheerful and fervent. Employees congratulated collective. In total differently. Who in verses of own composition, who thanked for last year the department. Very personally, sincerely. We did not open secrets and asked to tell the warmest words of congratulations in a chamber. Employees did not know that they will be film stars on an office party.

The movie was mounted by our friends. Brought to the big screen, added music and New Year`s prompts. And the unique masterpiece turned out! So many years passed, and warm memoirs heat heart. Reaction to such unusual gift was tremendous! Each congratulation from the screen was met by joyful laughter and a long applause. In general the inexpensive gift turned out the highlight of the program.

For small firms, with more modest budget, interestingly there pass office parties in native walls. They need to be prepared too in advance. To festively decorate office. Previously to declare to all employees date and time of carrying out evening. To distribute roles to everyone taking into account an action subject. Very effectively, on - special there passes the masquerade. And it is absolutely optional to sew special suits. Though, of course, it is not forbidden. It is enough to put on masks or to add a characteristic detail of the hero to a solemn suit. For carrying out such masquerade the joint scenario is written in advance, all achievements in a year, all victories of firm are interwoven into it. It is a peculiar result. Process of a script writing gives the unforgettable drive and rallies collective.

Usually on such actions the management sums up the work results in a year and awards the best. It is important not to disregard anybody, it can nullify all action. It is pleasant to whom to remain in the shadow? Therefore the chief needs to think over also this aspect.

The situation is always remembered. Grandiose restaurant, the most expensive in the city, a corporate trip abroad or on the next camp site. Evening in the winter wood. At the personal dacha or in a red corner of firm. In someone`s empty apartment. Wherever the holiday was planned, it is important to think over everything in details. How many the person takes part in action. Their gastronomic preferences. It is in advance important to know who what will drink from strong drinks. Proceeding from it to prepare snack more hotly. Under vodka you will not give the same dishes that under champagne. The menu is thought over taking into account that nobody left hungry. And drunk

Registration of the hall and a table has to be thematic. Where there will be a fir-tree if it is present in general. As it is original to place gifts. Interestingly there takes place the competition Find the prize . All prizes are displayed in the hall in advance so that they were not evident, veiled and the plan of New Year`s search of a treasure is drawn. Very cheerfully and easy play such games. Especially at the very beginning of evening when a degree more of fun is not so high.

New year - a long-awaited, magic holiday. Both adults, and children always wait for Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. Who will play a role of these winter characters - depends on the budget of a holiday. It is possible to invite actors, of course. And it is possible to grow up them in the collective. The brightest New year in my life was remembered creative owners holiday. Father Frost we had the most young participant of an office party, and the Snow Maiden - the most elderly employee. For them we prepared suits by all collective. Unforgettable impressions! Wrote the scenario with their exact exit and words for everyone. There were also congratulations to all, to everyone personally and to the director separately. Both of them sat at a table with us together and suddenly imperceptibly disappeared. Returned already in new roles and in new suits. To delight there was no limit! They five could not begin minutes the speeches as their emergence rolled in an applause. Very comical they had suits. Besides the Snow Maiden already was tipsy The speech according to the scenario did not turn out, one continuous impromptu went that caused a storm of an applause. We photographed all this and issued by Christmas the colourful newspaper with photos. There was it long ago, and the newspaper is still live!

Very vividly and actively there take place corporate actions where each employee prepares the unique number. One business to sit and behold, be the observer. To rise occasionally on dance. Absolutely another - to feel part of whole. To worry before the performance. To think over it to trifles. And to hit the jackpot! It always strengthens internal culture of corporation. It is not necessary to provide any training on team building!

The finale is also important. Otherwise the party can develop into morning performance. To put the beautiful end it is necessary to be able. As as it will be - again - depends on the budget. It is possible to finish New Year`s evening with beautiful fireworks, and it is possible the joint sincere song. It is possible to be photographed by all together and to declare loud: All thanks! Happy New Year! . It is possible to stage a contest on the purest workplace - if, of course, evening passed in office. From restaurant of all it is possible to invite to the street and to play snowballs. To remember the childhood.

A good tradition of the company - in common spent holiday - will tell about the firm much more, than a beautiful sign or the loud slogan. As you will meet New year, so and you will spend it!