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What is sharing ?

Kardsharingom (a kartsharing, a sharing) in to a party fans of satellite television are called by reception and decoding closed channels at the same time several receivers with use of one access card.

We will assume, at you 2 (3, 4... N) TVs. Without use of some special devices it is possible to watch at the same time in different rooms only the same satellite channel, having connected among themselves a coaxial cable antenna entrances of TVs and an exit of the modulator of a satellite receiver.

For viewing of different channels, the separate receiver has to be connected to each TV. But in this case, for access to encrypted channels, for example, of a popular package of HTB+, in each of receivers it will be required to establish the individual access card paid for the chosen tariff. It turns out expensively.

The kardsharing can become an exit. There are several options. For realization of any of them it is necessary to create a computer network in which to include all the satellite receivers.

The simplest, but not the cheapest option when all receivers are equipped with sockets for connection to the Ethernet network. One receiver in which the access card is established carries out functions of the server, all others - clients. Each several seconds clients give requests for the server which distributes them the keys necessary for decoding of channels.

As a rule, a receiver - the server has to to be able to work in a network independently that is not obligatory for clients at all. Many models support connection to the computer through com - port, and the computer, using the necessary software, transfers requests to the server and receives answers. Such opportunity is provided in many cheap receivers, it is only necessary to pick up corresponding insertion version of the internal software.

The network can be built not only wire, but also WiFi, in this case it is possible to do without laying of wires. On the Internet and offers of the semi-handicraft devices providing connection of the inexpensive receivers equipped with com - port to the Ehernet network occur at sellers of the satellite equipment. Such miracle from 50 (for connection to a wire network) to 100 (WiFi) " will manage; conditional .

Quirky figures quickly of a prosekla what to be limited to the network laid in borders of one house or apartment is not present any need. Global web unites an uncountable great number of users why not to seize its opportunities. Today on all Internet the set of the international piracy servers suggesting to use their services on waste in comparison with the cost of official cards, the prices is scattered.

Their activity is illegal as it violates copyright of owners of channels. One cannot say that did not struggle with pirates. Periodically in mass media there are messages that any group is detained. But judging from the fact that business prospers, fight this has no still special effect.

If you use technical achievements not for receiving profit, giving house an opportunity of viewing of favourite series when head it is keen on a football match - why and is not present? Good luck.