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Scales with claws? Yes, in the sky...

Quite so. Constellation Scales - the only thing in a zodiac belt that yalyatsya not by a being, and a subject, late enough received there the place. And in Ptolemaeus`s catalog on his place appear Claws of the Scorpion . But there were also other representations: in the form of an altar, in the form of the lamp clamped by these claws. Eventually all of them were brought together to an image of scales. Why?

Once the point of an autumn ravnodeystviye was not in Virgo constellation, and in Scales. Virgil reported about this 1st century BC so: When Scales balance one o`clock in the afternoon and nights and will share equally light and a gloom, then, farmers, remove in the field of the oxen . And ancient Egyptians were guided on present Scales in harvesting terms, however, meaning not that moment when the Sun appears in them and when act in a night sky at the end of spring.

Antique times left us for memory the myth about Scales.

It says that Zeus threw them in space heights. The Thunderer charged to the daughter Astry, the goddess of justice who is given birth from Themis and being to look after the world of people and to estimate righteousness of their acts. Every year she went down on the earth with a bandage in the eyes and scales in hands, weighing human acts. Results of measurement were reported on the father that he was aware, and responsible for sins got a penalty.

Afflicted with degradation of morals which was reflected by more and more heavy overweight towards the evil in its measuring device, Astrey finished inspections and went to space - far away from sinners, and appeared in the form of Virgo constellation there. And the tool was sent behind it following by the upset parent, since then they also settle down nearby.

However, according to alternative versions, star Scales - Themis`s attribute, goddesses of justice; Nemesis; Adraste; Dick - all of them were to some extent connected with idea of justice.

What is told about this constellation by modern science?

Scales, occupying the space 538. 1 square degree, adjoin, except the Maiden, to Zmeenosts, the Scorpion, the Wolf and the Snake. Its brightest star of Kiff (a) together with Spika and Arktur form an equilateral triangle. However, Kiffu is called on Arab of manners in a set of variations: Zuben Elgenubi; Zuben el Guenubi; Zuben el Guenub; Zuben el Guenub; Zubenelgenub; Zuben al Genubi.

But the main news of scientists connected with Scales is that in their limits the planet similar to Earth is for the first time found. And this with the fact that the space around 1500 stars is surveyed already! What the find is?

It is at distance of 20 light years from us, and surpasses dimensions of Earth only by one and a half times. There is an assumption that there is water, temperature fluctuates from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius, the surface is filled with oceans and the stony soil.

For further studying of this space body astronomers are going to put to orbit the telescope which will begin to find the methane (emitted by live organisms) and a chlorophyll (a key element of photosynthesis) in the atmosphere of the alleged relative of our planet. If searches crown progress, it will allow to speak with bigger confidence about a possibility of life on that space ball.