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In what feature of Chinese cuisine?

As they say in one proverb, paradise are an old English house, Chinese cuisine, the Russian wife and the American salary. As you already understood from the name, the speech in this article will go about the second component of paradise existence, namely about cuisine of China. Elegantly, multilaterally, unusually, variously, juicy... All this about culinary art to which there are four thousand years today.

All spheres of life in China are inseparably linked with Ancient Chinese philosophy, not an exception is also the cookery. In the fourth century BC art of cooking was a subject of philosophical reflections. In the book Dao Dye jing five flavoring directions - bitter, sweet, sour, salty are mentioned, sharp - which can destroy sense of taste if to use them in pure form and without additives since any feeling can become dull if to use it completely. Therefore for a long time the Chinese cooks tried to combine these flavoring directions, creating dishes from, apparently, incompatible components.

In compliance with the Chinese philosophy, the Universe is in harmony thanks to balance of two opposite principles - Yin and Yang . The Chinese cooks try to find harmony in contradictions too, and, creating the culinary masterpieces, combine gentle and sharp, sweet and sour, hot and cold, crackling and soft. Also the contrast color scale of the used products is preferable.

One of the main postulates of the Chinese cookery says that the food has to be not only tasty and useful, but also medical. Not without reason in ancient China professions of the doctor and the cook were usually combined. And today, before accepting any medicines, Chinese first of all address natural means and special diets since. the balanced food in many respects can help with elimination of any illness.

Many products which are irreplaceable and obligatory ingredients for preparation of the majority of dishes possess medicinal and preventive properties. These are onions, ginger, garlic, seaweed, and also such exotic additives as dried buds of lilies and the Chinese mushrooms. Also various soy sauces without which preparation practically of any dish does not do are useful to health. This a miracle - the product is vitamin-rich also minerals - B6 vitamin, Riboflavinum, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, manganese and also protein. Besides the Chinese cooks practically do not use salt since soy sauce already has salty taste, and use of salt would be superfluous.

But the main secret of unusual Chinese cuisine consists not so much in a huge variety of products and game of contrasts how many in preparation methods. The Chinese cooks use more than 20 ways of gotovka, so-called, high-speed thermal treatments which can last one and a half - two minutes and allow to keep all useful substances. Much more time is demanded by preparation of initial materials for culinary creativity, it does not suffer negligence. Still Confucius spoke: Do not eat anything that is digested or it is not cooked longer that is carelessly cut or contains not enough " spices;. The food has to not only give vital energy, but also charm a look.

Also the sequence of giving of dishes is important. The meal surely begins with green tea without sugar. To adjust a stomach, begin with dishes Yang - it something firm and easily acquired, containing very few spices not to overstrain the flavoring terminations from the very beginning. Further changes of dishes follow, the odd quantity, various to taste, a way of preparation and color scale is obligatory. The meal " comes to the end with dishes; Yin - something liquid or juicy - as a rule, is soup, but there can be a dessert or fruit. At the end as always, tea!

For us all this is extremely difficult and confused. And meanwhile cooks and ordinary people of Celestial Empire of the Empire conform to all these rules in the everyday life. And it is no wonder that those who so well understand that as as to them to eat look usually much younger and live to extreme old age!