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How it is possible to use pears? Part 1. Everything, except desserts of

Every year on our American farm we reap an excellent crop of pears. All the rest is somehow distributed by years - if apples and plums were born, then pekansky nuts have a rest. If there is a lot of peaches and nuts, then there are no apples at all. But pears do not know rest.

Unfortunately, I not really love pears. But to assume that something from a harvest was gone, I cannot in any way especially as pears are very useful - in them a lot of cellulose, potassium, folic acid, minerals, they possess diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore every fall there is a question: what to do with a rich harvest? Over time at me collected a lot of checked by time - and guests - recipes.

Pears which I use - firm green pears like Bartlett.

We will begin with snack . Pears are well combined with strong cheeses like cheddar or parmesan, and also with raw smoked ham. It is necessary to cut pears on slices, to cut out serdtsevinka, to sprinkle a little lemon juice that did not darken and to lay on a dish together with cheese and (or) ham. It is excellent snack, and to it it is possible to serve light red wine, for example, of Sangiovese or Valpolicella.

Now - meat . It is very good to add a pear to roast, to stuff with them a duck, a turkey or a goose, especially well with pears mutton and pork turns out. Pears in this case the same as apples or a quince are used. From spices I use cinnamon, a carnation, a nutmeg and allspice - in limited quantities. Wine - Shiraz or Cabernet - Sauvignon.

And unless it is possible to do without nalivochka in the winter?

To rub pears and to put them in a large bottle with a wide throat, having filled it on 3/4. To fill in with vodka so that it closed itself pears. To sustain on the sun of 4 - 5 weeks. Then to merge, wring out pears, and from the wrung-out juice to weld syrup (3 glasses of juice + 750 g of sugar, to add a grated nutmeg to taste; if it turned out less, than three glasses - respectively to reduce amount of sugar). To connect both liquids, to filter, pour in bottles, to put to the cold place. In 2 - 3 months fruit liqueur is ready.

While tasty prepares, let`s make a face pack of the softest pear which got to us.

For fat skin . One big pear (it is better green) to rub on a small grater and to mix with 3 - 4 tablespoons of cottage cheese. To put a mask on a face for 20 minutes.

For normal skin . To rub a pear on a small grater, to add 1 tablespoon of grape juice and 0,5 h l. vegetable oil. To put a mask on a face for 20 - 25 minutes. To unmask a soft napkin, but water after that not to rinse a face.

From freckles and pigmentary spots . To knead a ripe pear, to wring out juice, and to mix pulp with powdered milk that dense gruel turned out. To put this weight on a face, in 15 - 20 minutes to wash cool water.

Having received exclusive face skin and having been full, we will be engaged in desserts in the second part.