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How it is correct to set tasks for employees?

the Task are only one of steps on the way of achievement of the purpose. Ways always, at least, two. Ways which, suppose, will increase sales twice can be much. Tasks have a direct bearing most on strategy. Tasks join strategy and define that, how exactly you will reach the planned purpose.

What tasks should be set?

Put obviously exigeant, but realistic tasks. Work for all 100% and is one percent less, your employees just have to forget that there are impracticable tasks.

For whom to set tasks?

it is Very important when you set a task for the unit manager or department that that, in turn, set these tasks for the subordinates in the same way, with the same formulations and the instruction on certain details with what the task was received from you. Coherence of actions of employees of all levels is important, and it is reached by an unambiguous clear understanding of terms, definitions, criteria.

In what form to set tasks? we passed

In our company to a written form of transfer of all tasks with obligatory vising by all main participants. It results in maximum efficiency because performers, appending the signature, undertake additional responsibility and the obligation of observance of dates of performance.

How to operate process of performance of tasks and to exercise control?

Procedure of management depends only on you and on your understanding of need of performance of this or that task.

Create intermediate summing up. The optimum form - to set tasks and to operate their execution at meetings or reporting meetings. When carrying out similar actions we, including, exercise intermediate control of observance of terms and quality of works, we coordinate interaction of staff of one or several divisions when it is necessary, we try to obtain collective decision-making, we allow employees to trace independently achieved results. The sense of process of control consists in continuous stimulation of personnel throughout the movement in the direction allowing to achieve the planned objectives.

If you did not define accurate result - the objectives can be not achieved. Organize achievement of result, but not performance of a task. For employees the task is their key purpose and they have to be guided by it. The result is important for you.

It is impossible to monitor execution on each objective. How to be? the Answer is simple

: do not try to put control of performance of tasks on which it is impossible to monitor execution. You know how work of the campaign headquarters is estimated? Work of a staff of the candidate who won a victory is not estimated and by very few people it is analyzed, in particular it does not interest the most won candidate at all. Becomes not important as as became. Blamestorming session the defeated party arranges.

a Number of such tasks on which it is impossible to make control will be simply ignored by performers. You can create any imaginary control and represent it as rigid and debugged, but your employees perfectly feel where there is that side of control and absence of control.

There are intermediate tasks which can improve result, but not always they can be checked. They also do not need to be traced. The main thing - result!