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As treated the Soviet prisoners of war in you grosslazart 103 ? Escape.

Under grosslazart 103 fascists allocated ten three-storyed barracks of the former military camp. All infirmary and each medical case were separately enclosed with ranks of a barbed wire, the territory was patrolled by protection with dogs, on towers on corners the armed sentries round the clock were on duty. In chambers for prisoners of war three-storied plank beds were built from naked boards. At the same time in " institution; it was treated to 10 000 people.

The chief physician of infirmary doctor Borbi determined the surgeon Maxim Ermakov by the manager of office. Advised to thank for luck of god and Fuhrer, drew the brilliant prospects opening before the surgeon, having reported that that without any remorse will be able to perform any operations and not to care in any way for their outcome as all patients are all the same doomed to death.

To us, the colleague, it is necessary to get the hand, skilled surgeons are appreciated in any state. I warn that the slightest indulgence to wounded and patients of you can cost you life Start performance of duties - the colleague Borbi summed up.

Position of prisoners of infirmary was terrifying. Many could not move independently and it is even simple to rise from plank beds, had infectious and mental diseases. With sawdust Aesculapians occasionally added soup with rotten meat of the fallen horses to a two hundred-gram ration of bread. Every morning the funeral team took out hundreds of okochenely corpses from medical cases.

To prolong the existence, members of funeral team quite often cut out heart and a liver at corpses, baked them on a fire and a fir-tree. Having learned about it, fascists shot the people driven to despair for a cannibalism. Appointed to their place new, both again shot, and again appointed

To office which was managed by Ermakov, it was daily allocated two (!) dressing a package and there is a little solution of a rivanol. It were all available medicines. As could, Maxim Andreevich tried to facilitate a fate of the patients. Packages were cut on rags, moistened them in solution and imposed on wounds. As bandage for bandagings the broken-off linen of the dead was used. Thus, two managed to alleviate suffering - to three tens wounded.

Rumors about the self-sacrificing doctor spread on barracks and wounded from the next offices sought to take the place of the dead at Ermakov. Learned about treatment and Borbi. If do not stop it, you will be bitten by doggies, will be covered in a trench Ukrainian with earth - the fascist warned.

Borbi correctly understood the mission and remorselessly became skilled, every other day operated. Without any preparation amputated extremities, made cranial trepanations, opened thoraxes. Until the end of operations the smaller part of the patients turned by the sadist into guinea pigs lived. Borbi learned to manipulate masterly a scalpel, was proud of it and bragged of the skill to captured doctors.

Once at operation there was also Maxim Andreevich. Having lulled flattery Borbi`s attention, Ermakov managed to take out the scissors intended for removal of plaster bandages from the operating room. The German tool appeared excellent quality and was capable to have a bite even a barbed wire.

These scissors and the help of companions from the created group of underground workers helped to make to Ermakov escape when clouds were condensed finally, and the Gestapo interposed in the matter.

On December 23, 1942 in snowstorm, having stolen several hospital dressing gowns in the operating room, fugitives managed to have a bite imperceptibly seven rows of a wire of an external protection and to disappear safely in the shepetovsky woods. Having strayed on them three weeks which are torn off, freezed and hungry they came across guerrilla camp.

After escape the medical officer Maxim Andreevich Ermakov continued to treat wounded and sick guerrillas, soldiers, officers. Military feats of the representative of a peace profession are noted more than two tens government awards.

The crimes of Hitlerites committed in you grosslazart 103 the State commission investigated. In her opinion in this hospital 160 thousand Soviet citizens were destroyed. Let`s honor their memory.