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Feminists, or whether it is easy for women to live on light?

Word feminist many perceive ambiguously now. Men, for example, on survey conducted by me, agreed in opinion that the feminist is an unattractive lady with problems in private life. She tries to eliminate the complexes due to hatred to men, growing old in any situation to show insolvency and male uselessness. Well, somehow so, generally. Of course, this image can be and is a little altered, all people different, but in general, at most of men it approximately such as I described.

It, of course, not so. The feminism is the outlook based on idea of equality of the woman and man in public life. From here it is accurately visible that the feminist - the one who considers that the woman and the man are equal. The woman - the person. It, as well as the man, has ambition and pride. Also there is nothing surprising that it is unpleasant to it to see an inequality between floors which, unfortunately, still exists even in the developed European countries.

It turns out that - Jure - gender equality; - the fact - female discrimination. To take at least the fact that at the birth the child usually receives a surname of the father, and also a middle name . That is about mother who took out and brought up, speeches in general not all right! of

In the article I will use for brevity the word feminist and I would like that you correctly understood what I mean. I do not mean the ardent man-hater or the diffident lady who is trying to obtain universal recognition and respect at all.

Usually when the woman speaks about the equal rights with men, she is stipulated both men, and some representatives of weak. I do not know why one women recognize the right the man on domination, and others consider that people are equal among themselves. Probably, it depends on education and mentality: for example, it is difficult for Russian women to present how there are poor girls of the East. Among Russians (and not only!) there are differently well-mannered and therefore the having different points of view on a question of sexual equality people.

Disputes on secondariness of the woman usually happen without participation of the stronger sex - their opinion simply is not considered. In any case, feminists (because the opinion at men on this question usually happens only one). Who is right, and who is not, is difficult to understand though he, is afraid, all are right. Someone says that that family where the woman governs is bad, someone says that the husband and the wife - two halves, and one cannot be better or worse another than opinions much. But there is one more aspect about which, unfortunately, almost always forget.

All people different. Yes, it is banal, but it so. And therefore, speaking: The Woman is created from Adam`s edges, main - the man you should not forget that one girls will be happy, having found the only thing and obeying it in everything. And other girls at the same time - those, proud and ambitious which cannot understand how, having only been born they already became lower than a half of mankind - will be unhappy in marriage where the husband is a head.

And if one only nods on the phrase of the burned husband: Quietly! I am a man! - another will not sustain that, and will be absolutely right. Nobody is guilty that all people possess different character. Someone, for example, will consider humiliating to live at the expense of the husband, and someone, on the contrary, considers that a sacred duty of the husband - to bring money to the house, and wives - to raise children. And besides, both are right! Just at everyone the truth, the outlook on life.

Whether easily to women to live on light? Philosophical question. Women were oppressed from time immemorial, broke their will and unichtozhaliyestestvenny human desires. Yes, probably, it is good when the husband brings money to the house, and the wife is engaged in economy and raises children. There are girls who dream to carry out life quite so. But why it is necessary to consider that it is a duty and the desire is universal all female? Let`s say if the woman wants to promote, then why someone has to interfere with her and condemn her?

We will return to a question about hard shares of women. Here it in what consists! That stereotypic opinions on appointment of women took roots in consciousness at many before that people do not even take into head that against human nature you will not go, and it is impossible to make the person happy against his will!

You will not explain it to many people, from it at single women and problem: they are not understood and not wanted to be understood! From - for the fact that position of the woman in society changed by today character of women very strongly differs: it depends on a family, a nationality, a geographical position.

The opinion suppressing most of men, in view of their millennia of not changing status, in the relation to a question of the social role meet. To the man did not stick to live off the woman, he has to be an example of courage, force and mind. Everything very few people dream of the man - a rag agree with it.

Whether it is easy for women - to live to feminists on light? They are not understood by men, are unclear also the allies. My pride, for example, strongly suffers when I read various historical books in which the reminder on low position of the woman in society occurs, even worse to me becomes when I from modern girls hear statements of type: The Man in the house main .

Well, let it at you will be main. A problem - that that, having replaced such girl with the feminist, it will be very heavy to it to construct the new relations. Such man already got used that his companion always agrees with him, and after work meets with a hot dinner. It will be difficult for it to understand why his new girlfriend has own opinion on any question and it should make a dinner most as his soulmate at work, and will come home only at half past eight.

Whether it is so easy for women to live on light? And, as run away for work as do career even if the husband not against also is ready to make a dinner, and sometimes even cleans the apartment, is still which - that that it at it will not turn out to make - to give birth to the child. Yes, here you should give birth, women. And from - for it career will be interrupted, and it is necessary to stay at home long time, having forgotten about ambition And what to do? It is necessary to endow.

It is one more point which tells about hard shares of women. Sometimes you think: or perhaps it would also be good if women were not allocated with such traits of character how pride, ambition and ambitions? It would be simpler to live. But what to do if were born not without it!

So. For what this article was written? I hope, you did not think that I complain of a difficult female share? No, my article was written in order that people thought of the one who surrounds them whether everything people are identical and whether all can hang labels, or it is worth showing tolerance and understanding in relation to each individual?