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And you tried female drink?

Not so long ago the girlfriend returned from holiday with full packages of gifts... And if concerning the brought souvenirs, honey, fruit and wine everything was clear at once, then the phrase and this purely female " drink; freankly speaking, forced me to become thoughtful. What drink which is intended especially for a fine half of mankind is? How to use it? How it is made? These and other similar questions at once attacked my thoughts. And later, having tried at supper taste of this mysterious gift, it was necessary to devote it separate article

As history says, long since were engaged in preparation of tinctures in our country everywhere. Literally each family stored in Russia the own recipe, and even not one. They say that even Peter I knew how to prepare the favourite anisic nastoyechka, and preferred it to all overseas wines.

In the modern consumer market the range of tinctures is quite wide what only you will not meet Cranberry, blackberry, cherry, cowberry, orange, apple... And these tastes, it is necessary to tell, the list is not limited at all. You love more bitter drinks? No problem! For admirers of sweet feelings there will be certain versions too.

Gorky tinctures - stronger, they practically do not contain sugar and possess a pungent smell. By convention they can be drunk in pure form from piles for vodka, and without cooling. Sweet tinctures is other history. To the taste they very much remind fruit liqueurs, though differ from them in bigger fortress. Tinctures possess difficult and rich structure thanks to which are widely applied in medicine. For this reason to meet them it is possible not only on counters of shops, but also even in drugstores. And still for a long time sweet tinctures in Russia are considered as drinks especially for women. They can be given to fruit, ice cream and various desserts that is so loved by women.

It is possible to drink sweet tincture, as well as bitter, in pure form. If you prefer drinks not too strong, it is possible to dilute it with water or to add ice. As true experts on this miracle - drink speak, it is possible to use the tincture which both is warmed up, and cooled. Though the best option nevertheless is room temperature, only in this case it will please you with wealth and a variety of the taste. And here it is not recommended to store tincture on cold. Low temperature can spoil drink at all.

You want, friends to prepare house tincture? There is nothing more simply. All secret is reduced to two highlights: to choose desired taste and to draw berries on vodka. And finally as an example the recipe one of the most favourite tinctures not of one generation. For preparation we will need young branches of a mountain ash. Further berries clear of fruit stems, fill in with vodka and insist several days. Branches clear of bark, break on small pieces and separately from berries insist in vodka too. Then both turned out infusion mix. The fragrant ryabinovka is ready!

As you already guessed, a basis for tincture can be chosen on your taste: it both cranberry, and blueberry, and cowberry, etc. Besides, each of them, as a rule, possesses the set of vitamins and useful substances. For example, cowberry is recommended at avitaminosis, the mountain ash improves digestion, a cranberry, currant and raspberry are rich with vitamin C, etc. The main thing, friends to find the taste and to remember that everything well and is useful moderately.

Fragrant to you, friends, a sit-round gathering in a cold season! Good luck are also happy!