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Whether it is always necessary to fight against completeness?

Where look - everywhere recommend diets from old, checked nearly at the time of kromanyonets (eat this back, and you will be harmonous as the mammoths hunter!), to modern (drink beer, jam apples, and your figure will be envied all a top - world models!) . And whether so they are necessary, these diets? Whether it is worth choking with apples, washing down them with kefir, to nervously sglatyvat saliva at the sight of a piece of sausage?

About the completeness connected with some illness or about completeness which prevents to live normally and ruins health, we will not argue. Here everything is just clear. If from - for excess weight the organism suffers, so superfluous it is necessary to get rid of this.

We will talk about that case when weight not so superfluous, and - such addition is simple. Normal addition. Someone possesses the constitution of a store dummy, someone looks like a bedside table, at the sight of someone buckets on a yoke come back to memory, and someone causes association with a rich roll. Heredity, structure of a skeleton, metabolic rate A set of factors influence a figure. And painfully to see how beautiful women exhaust themselves with diets day by day only because consider - thin persons more beautiful!

Beauty is first of all fashion. At the time of Louis XIV beauties could have decayed teeth, and even were toothless - and it did not prevent them to be considered as beauties. Present that such beauty smiled to you - same shock! But then on such trifles did not pay attention. Other criteria of beauty were fashionable.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote beauties - find the woman similar to the modern model in his pictures. They are absent. All women are very well well-fad. Remember Heinrich Senkevich`s novel Crusaders : the description of the beauty Yagenka is very characteristic - she could sit down on nuts and split them. Slender a top - the model is obviously not capable of it. Here it is necessary to have the weight and very quite good! Look at portraits of recognized standards of beauty of former times - much of these beauties would need all double seat in the trolleybus (it apart from, of course, skirt - with it at all not to enter the trolleybus). And nevertheless they are really charming.

Languid leanness - is not connected with a healthy lifestyle at all. For health it is necessary to keep physical shape (the pool, gyms, walks in the evenings, physical activity), and not weight at all. At a healthy lifestyle excess weight will leave itself and if there was a completeness - means, and it is necessary. Trying to get rid of natural completeness, absolutely healthy person can get sick - already from a lack of weight.

Perhaps, fashionable leanness is only the invention of fashion designers who found out that on a lean figure some models of clothes look better. And what looks better better and more expensively is on sale. And, perhaps, this trend of policy of economy - on clothes for thin leaves less fabric. Joke? Almost. And, maybe, is also not present.

The main problem of stout women - not so excess weight. diyetny sufferings are connected only with desire to be beautiful. The most charming and attractive. Attractive for an opposite sex. Absolutely normal desire which is not contradicting any basic human instinct.

But it is possible to be beautiful and without growing thin. Beauty - concept exclusively subjective. Beauty of the woman - not in a figure, not in clothes, not in cosmetics, not in magnificent hair. It - in the opinion of the loving man. And only there. And men are here odd fellows! - love different women. Someone likes thin persons, to someone - donuts, and someone considers that the woman has to have muscles of the gymnast. At everyone the taste, and it only relatively depends on fashion.

Stout women usually try to hide the completeness somehow. Wear imperceptible clothes, do not allow bright, bright coloring - that, do not bring My God, incidentally not to emphasize existence additional (in comparison with fashionable a top - model) kilograms. Attentively study color scales, combinations of flowers and drawings (strips from top to down will give to your figure visual symmetry, cross strips make look fat!) . Some even try to wear clothes of the smaller size, using it instead of a corset - by the way, an enormous mistake as the clothes not by the size surely wrinkle, and as a result the figure seems even more thickly, than is actually.

In general all this is Sisyphean task. Completeness is written not on scales at all, and - on a woman`s face. If she considers that its figure is far from an ideal that it has an excess weight and - that the most important! - it is ugly and unattractive, that its such will be considered also by people around. The logic is simple: better all person is known by him. So to speak, the look from within, it is the most true. So who we are such to challenge opinion of the person on himself?

The fact that the charming fatty masks not the so completeness, but the charm is result of such opinion on itself.

If the woman considers herself beautiful, is absolutely sure of the appeal, then nobody will notice that it and passes in a door hardly - because the doorway is small. Self-confidence - much more reliable way to beauty, than all diets combined.

My acquaintance, the professional psychologist, developed for themselves a weight loss technique. Very simple. Every day he finished himself: I am attractive to women, I am pleasant to them - repeated several times in day, looking in a mirror, looked for beauty in the person and a figure. And in the morning and spoke to himself in the evening: (Ate) Everything that I will eat in a day, does well to my health. From it I only become more attractive. My charm increases every day . What is interesting - he really grew thin. From 115 kg (with a height of 178 cm) there were 76 kg. And this weight remains. However, he does not forget about the auto-trainings.

But another is more curious. This technique was intended not for weight reduction at all. The sufferer had problems with private life. Did not pay attention to it. He was not able to look after the woman who was pleasant to it - from - for confidence that she will not even look at it. At it knees shivered, instead of the articulate speech he talked the most amazing nonsense Generally, he made all nonsenses which are put to the person who does not believe in himself, does not love himself, considers himself by the pettiness which is not costing attention.

Auto-trainings helped. Self-confidence increased. Problems with the weaker sex were liquidated - and it long before weight was lost at least on gram. He grew thin already later. As a matter of fact, weight reduction was a side effect.

So it is worth thinking: and whether diets are necessary? If a problem not in health, and in the head maybe, it is simpler to manage auto-training? And to liquidate not weight (which, very possibly, and not superfluous at all), but that psychological blocking which does not let to feel the full-fledged person, the most charming and attractive . Do not forget, professor Preobrazhensky not for nothing claimed that ruin not in toilets, and in the heads .

And in general who told that completeness - it is ugly? It is just other type of beauty! And more than it is enough judges of this type.

And if someone claims that any type completeness is unhealthy, then old popular wisdom says: While thick dries, thin will die .