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Cashew is only a nut? What is the cashew apple?

Now on counters of shops and the grocery markets appeared a big variety of any overseas products which not only surprise with the name, but also taste many Russians.

Among not so long ago appeared (especially in the province) - a cashew nut. What the nut such is? Probably, there is a number of questions: from where and why to us it is brought how grows where get why is on sale without shell and others?

And so, history of opening of a nut such is. The cashew nut (so call it in Russia and some countries) grows on a tree of family of sumakhovy. The homeland of a tree is Brazil, however now it was cultivated in many countries with warm climate, such as India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Colombia, etc.

At all to discovery of America Europeans knew to nobody of this tree, except the tribes of Indians living in the territory of modern Brazil. So, Indians of the tribe tikuna used bark, leaves, tree fruits in the various purposes. In language of Indians of cashew called yellow fruit from which the popular name " was created; " cashew;.

In the 16th century, having peddled old stuff, Europeans along with other opening opened also cashew - a nut which fairly holds the top places in the list of the most delicious nuts. However, cashew is not only useful nuts. Everything that gives a tree, is used by the person in various purposes: nuts and so-called apples of cashew - in gastronomic, a shell of nuts - in industrial, leaves and bark of a tree - in medicinal.

Now in more detail about cashew fruits. They consist of two parts: from apple of cashew and actually a nut. Apple of cashew is yellow, orange or red big a pear-shaped form a pedicel. Length is from about 7 to 10 cm, and diameter is about 5 cm. The fruit possesses turned sour - sweet taste, very juicy and fleshy. The only minus of apple - it very quickly spoils therefore it is unsuitable for transportation. Juice from cashew apple in the countries of Latin America is as popular as orange juice in North America or Europe.

At top of apple there is a nut in a firm shell which in process of maturing it becomes dark - green or brown. If the ripened apples of cashew can be eaten, without being afraid, then with nuts everything is a little more difficult. You never asked a question why cashew nuts always sell cleared?

The answer is simple - between a shell and a cover behind which there is a nut, very caustic oily substance contains (kardol) which at contact with skin causes serious dermatological problems. For this reason before realization nuts are cleared and pass special heat treatment in the course of which all harmful substance evaporates.

And all - nuts of cashew should pay special attention as they are rich with carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins (And, B1, B2), iron, zinc, phosphorus and calcium. Cashew least kaloriyna, than other nuts as they contain less fat.

Cashew is the main ingredient in traditional dishes of the countries where the tree grows. The nut is both excellent independent snack, and a wonderful component in salads, confectionery, sauces, and even secondly and first courses.

Besides, nuts help with prevention and treatment warmly - vascular system, promote strengthening of immune system. Are used as an additional tool at a toothache, psoriasis, dystrophy, violation of exchange processes, anemia.

Try, cashew not only is tasty, but also is useful!