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How to construct interaction between the staff of the company?

How to construct interaction between employees and between departments?

Paying sufficient attention to processes, technologies and their interrelation, we forget about people, about those who build all this, introduce and live then it. It is not enough to construct interrelation of processes and to define technology, it is not enough to organize due control, it is necessary to construct interrelation, to create the soil for interaction of specific people.

Earlier you did not pay it attention, and interaction was not under your management, it was under control of employees, that is, was under construction only on a personal contact. Lack of system in practice is shown in constantly growing misunderstanding arising between heads of divisions and their employees. Respectively, terms of performance of work are not observed, quality of the provided services decreases, the company loses clients. At the same time the management of the company now has no opportunity to effectively exercise control.

Smoothly running interaction of employees implies coherence of actions of employees and identical understanding of the purposes, tasks, duties and responsibility. Lack of the above-mentioned leads to emergence and a development of the region of irresponsibility.

When in my company the arising problems were not solved, I offered the help in finding of common language between employees, but for their money, since 500 rubles for a situation. At the same time issued the warning that the similar facts if they are hidden, cause to the company damage, and we will take the appropriate measures. It worked.

One of other options of finding of elements of accurate interaction is presentation to both employees of unacceptable alternative. It will force them to agree. The resisting party, for example, can report that in case of refusal in participation in negotiations the decision will be accepted without its participation.

For creation of interrelation besides work on bringing to collective of mission of the company and the description is more whole, you should attract an average link of the company to discussion of plans of works where all parts of the plan are connected among themselves. You should change the relation of employees to the work performed by them.

For creation of interaction it is necessary to clean all non-core work performed at the moment by employees. So, carrying out even if small repair at office, you should not involve the staff of the company, employ somebody another even if your employees have time. In - the first, you will be obliged to nobody by nothing. The employee regards any non-core action as charity as a certain help for which you will always have to it . It is absolutely clear that it is thoughts of the employee, and they disperse from your concepts, but as similar exists, it is impossible to disown from it.

In the example given above we considered the help of one or several employees all company but employees have to help each other with the solution of the arising questions. For example, having brought furniture to sales department, the staff of production department of your company has to help to lift it and to establish. If such mutual aid does not manage to be achieved, apply collectings and qualify these facts as violations of the standards established in the company.

Lack of mutual aid not the only problem, more serious and terrible danger remains simple lack of interaction and an intended tightening of the solution of problems. Somehow, a few years ago, I asked the employee of dealer department to render assistance in more expeditious shipment in one Moscow company with which we cooperated on what I received approximately such answer: You Understand, I am glad to help, but I need to go to department of logistics at least with box of chocolates that they accelerated shipment . What at the same time occurs? The employee of dealer department loses? Perhaps, the employee of department of logistics gets? It doesn`t matter. It is not important because from - for similar actions the company loses. For this reason the system constructed by you allows to avoid similar cases - you accurately registered a form of interaction and established periods.

What involves lack of interaction? Pervo`s

- napervo, lack of accurate interaction between employees and departments leads to the fact that some " tasks; hang in air are also not carried out. There is an external factor in the form of guilty - he did not make it, and from - for him and I or something similar. Addressing in other department with any request every time it is necessary to prove relevance and importance of the solution of this question, and, it is necessary to do it at the level of a personal contact and the human relations. Accustom employees that personal does not exist. Within work work is carried out. Anything personal.

Problems of interaction between departments and employees arise across. The problems arising down are solved by means of rigid administrative resources of the head. And it is absolutely necessary to solve them.

What reasons of lack of interaction?

At emergence of problems employees on one came to me with complaints to other department or the specific employee. One of the main problems turned out the fact that employees cannot find interaction among themselves generally not on professional, and on personal ambitions. Certainly, it is not an exit and interests of the company suffer from it.

Often the unreasonable competition can be the cause of lack of interaction. So, departments or divisions compete among themselves. Rather widespread practice is that the company has branches and they compete among themselves. The personnel compete. It is necessary to stop immediately the first similar manifestations and to apply the most drastic measures to violators.

Who will never agree?

Single never will agree with the representative and especially the leader of team. The employee sacredly protecting the territory has the view of the things different from a team look. How at everything at the same time it is possible to go towards a common goal? It is possible if to the word to agree to add rules which the system defines and for which observance exercises control. You all the same should teach your employees to cooperate with each other. They should agree. If the system of a depremirovaniye for unachieved results does not work, employees should be dismissed.

Whether team building by that " is; conciliatory tool?

Now the word " which became fashionable; team building we try to remember always, and, even then, when it is not pertinent. Let`s ask the head of the company how he builds this team building? Often the corporate culture, as well as attempt of team building occurs the easiest way - by holding corporate parties. And how purposes? How it is possible to go one road, pursuing at the same time the different aims?

As practice, team building in any its form - the working tool shows. However, after building relations not debugged form of interaction comes. If earlier your employees simply could not agree with each other, then now they have such opportunity and often similar arrangements can have including extremely negative influence on system and, as a result, work of the company.