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What time and what at it " is; gait ? Often we say

and we hear exclamations: Oh God! As time - that flies! Oh, there was just a Monday and again Friday came! It seems, every year time flies quicker and quicker! Where the world hurries!?

All right if elderly people so exclaimed, but even more often similar surprise is expressed by youth and even children.

Why it seems to us that time accelerates the course? Yes because every day the flow of information falling upon our poor brain repeatedly increases, carrying away in the funnel as a tornado as whirlpool. We do not manage to digest the falling-down mountains of various information, we cannot follow it sometimes. It stretches the feelers from everywhere: from TV screens, from radio receivers, from screens of computers, from pages of newspapers and magazines. Modern school students need to acquire more and more knowledge, it is more and more training material in order that to the modern person to keep on a workplace, he needs to get ready to do a set of things in a definite time, and rates of business life (life of businessmen) do not leave chances of rest, of thoughts of themselves, about destiny, for business people time at all - an extreme horse.

If for a minute to reflect, then will become obvious that actually time goes as well as thousands years ago. Such time we will call astronomical. Astronomical hour - 60 minutes, days - 24 hours etc. However, scientists found out, as this time in the last ten years accelerated new year we meet on several milliseconds earlier, than, for example, last century. Thus, one may say, that not time passes quicker, and our perception of time changed, that is psychological time accelerated. There is a way to learn how you perceive time.

Look at the watch and aim - again to look at them in a minute. Now close eyes or turn away from the dial, but only do not consider seconds, better do not think at all that it is necessary to watch time. When seems to you that minute already passed when you feel it intuitively, look at the watch again. If you see that there took place five seconds more or less, your psychological time means coincides with psychological if you have a look for hours for 15 - 20 seconds before put, your psychological time is extended - you a lot of things will be in time if passed for 15 seconds and more, your time can escape from - under control.

Still the perception of time (psychological time) depends on the following factors:

1. Whether there is a person waiting for something - it is known that time in the course of expectation hangs awfully heavy, depressing slowly.

2. Whether day of the person with affairs - clearly is sated that for the person confined to the bed and who does not have an opportunity something to be engaged, time passes hardly too - hardly.

3. The perception of time also depends on affairs which the person planned to himself for a certain period. From whether he will manage to carry out conceived, the course of time (subjective) will accelerate or will be slowed down.

4. The mood, a state of mind of the person plays not the last role in perception of time too. Not for nothing speak: Time flies when you`re having fun! The one to whom bitterly, sadly who suffers - feels just every instant time, piercing each section of the tense nerves.

There is one more type of time - biological time. Among you, dear readers, for certain are the people who are waking up without alarm clock in several minutes or seconds to its call, or not using it " at all; troublemaker . There are among you also those who strictly in certain hours hunger desire to sleep, those who do not feel discomfort at time conversion for summer and winter time. And so, I want to please such lucky persons - at you in the head both the timer, and an alarm clock, and the computer, your biological time will always help out, will not allow to oversleep, be late even in the absence of hours on a hand or in a pocket.