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As cheerfully make a fool not of our brother?

Not so long ago on the city the wave of cheerful swindles swept. However, cheerfully all this looks from outside and for this purpose who organized everything. For the victims it is not enough to have fun occasions, only on itself to expostulate and remains. As well as the set of other frauds, it is based on greed of the innocent victims.

They say that swindle with a beard but I, for example, learned about it quite recently. And scenario its following.

The victim, we will call it Vasyl - Vasilich, suddenly finds in the mailbox the letter directed not to it, and absolutely unfamiliar Pyotr - to Petrovich. Not in an electronic box, and in usual post that at each entrance hang.

The vast majority of fellow citizens in that case spreads the letter on the top of the battery of iron boxes, and does not pay any attention to it any more, fairly believing that the mail carrier will be engaged in future of the letter. The small part of the most active also on mail will call, or will even independently deliver someone else`s correspondence there.

But among citizens surely there will be extremely curious persons whom do not feed with bread - let`s stick a nose in a keyhole, to take an interest, than there behind closed doors are engaged. Our Vasyl - Vasilich from such. From those which will surely open the letter and will read before on boxes from above to expose.

And in the letter plain everyday history of approximately following contents. Razlyubezny Pyotr - Petrovich, you know, three years as I left on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE to Israel lovely to heart. Still everything was good, and there were I uphill, but here the demon confused I sit without penny now, over head and ears in debt, and creditors threaten lower to pull an eye of a back.

And only nothing, the real trifle, dollars of tons 10 is necessary, it is no more in any way. Leaving ours with you the hometown I to myself on such case provided a strakhovochka, but without your help I cannot use it in any way. Help buddy, for me will not rust.

You, of course, do not know my good friend Katenka, the woman she modest and hesitated to meet my friends before, and she lives to the address... I left to Katenka on preservation couple of risunochok of the artist little-known in circles wide, but widely known in circles narrow. Everyone risunochek pulls tons on 10 - 15, and mister Shmaysser living on coast of Rhine, which phone +1234567890 asked to sell them me long ago.

Razlyubezny Pyotr - Petrovich, help For goodness sake, take away risunochka from Katenka, she will give surely, I wrote to her, call the mister on Rhine and agree about sale. At the price solve itself, to me there were 10 tons, and the rest to you, the friend my warm will be as the fee for works. You will not deceive me, I know you as person honest. Behind this I take the leave, on a coffin your loyal friend and the servant Ivan - Ivanych .

Having read the message, Vasyl - Vasilich of course reflects. It that turns out, neither Katenka, nor far mister Pyotr - Petrovich know. And denzhishch - what!!! Ten thousand dollars can easily be earned. And if to send nothing, then and all 20 - 30!!! Let the quirky emigrant himself get out!

The shivering hand Vasyl - Vasilich dials number of the treasured mister, and that in broken Russian joyfully confirms readiness to buy drawings though now. And during conversation it becomes clear that on 10 - 15 thousand they cost three years ago, and now the prices grew, and for each mister Shmayser is ready to lay out not less than on 17 - 20 thousand.

The last doubts are dispelled. Ours Vasyl - Vasilich, speshnovyzvav a taxi, rushes to Katenka`s address. Katenka - average years the portly lady, having heard about what the speech, accepts a combative rack hands in a side also begins to kosterit like a sailor razlyubezny Ivan - Ivanycha.

Both such he, and syaky, threw it in the juice one - an odineshenka, took off in the of Palestine moreover and ran into debt it the widow poor almost a round sum in five thousand green. Risunochki these is botched work utter, it is ready though now to give, but will not receive the debt yet to talk there is nothing. That the mister from far Rhine will pay it damages Katenka sweeps aside all admonitions because of the total mistrust to people at all. Well, it is necessary such rested and mistrustful to be born!

First obstacle in a way to profit. But god with them, with these five thousand, 35 more will remain whether it is worth wasting time on trifles? Enough! 700 percent of net profit, whether seen business?

After painful, but short thoughts Vasyl - Vasilich brings the required sum, takes away drawings and calls on coast of Rhine. But phone for some reason does not answer. The disturbing worm begins to move somewhere deeply in a breast.

To calm down, Vasyl - Vasilich decides to address art critics for an assessment of drawings. And here it is expected by rather hard blow. According to the expert, works are drawn somewhere in kindergarten, here only with group at the expert of difficulty: whether senior, whether average. And maybe in general younger.

The enraged victim run rushes to Katenka, but its ardor is damped by the locked apartment doors. And neighbors poor Vasyl - Vasilich answer questions that owners lease the apartment for rent long ago, for a month, for a week - as it will turn out.

Popular wisdom gives a lot of advice how to behave in slippery situations. But if proverbs are not remembered, it is possible to do also without them. It is enough not to consider only people around is sillier than itself, darling. And money will remain in an integrity.