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How to stop being opozduny?

- the Word - that what offensive! - mother frowned.

- And how you wanted? - the spouse was thrown up. - In my family it is not accepted to be late. This elementary disrespect!

Further discussion was useless. Guests received

at full scale too: - Listen to

, well why on an hour later? - I tried to joke. - At you that today, Moscow time?

- you told wine to buy. We also chose!

Ya potryasyonno made a helpless gesture. It appears if not my wine, they come in due time. Though I doubt!

In - the first. It is not enough - malsk of a good reason to be late, at opozdun is never present.

In - the second. Delay is as a spittle on a holiday table of the hostess as ignoring of the best friend, as an indifference in the important relations as teenage tactlessness and disorder. To people all the same that wait for them, prepare, plan something for later, worry, eventually.

Third. Opozdunov it is necessary to treat. And they have to want it! Otherwise the next lecture on the subject Stop to be late as always, will be gone in vain.

In our mobile time, strangely enough, it is still possible to be sure that if you were invited to action, say, to 14. 00, will begin at least in 14. 30, and even later! I often tell

In such situations to axiomatic Raikin`s guests:

- Where you were???

- Yes me was not only 15 minutes...

- And whether you that know it fifteen minutes in our country? Fifteen minutes! In our country! It... quarter of hour!!! Yes in these fifteen minutes already our enterprise let out... six details!

- And five of them wrote off...

So, call on a visit to five - and we sit down to a table in six. We have a mentality - to be late! And here guests go around the laid table, the hostess for the 100-th time warms up dishes, and late cheerfully recites: The Administration is not late, it is late! . All unnaturally smile. It is possible to begin fun, at last. Though there is no wish any more!

Couple of indicative examples - it is also possible, really, forever to be disaccustomed to this bad habit.

my mother-in-law - the person of an old school, the honored personnel officer and the permanent secretary of the plant manager. For months vanishing on a kitchen garden, she adheres to a high security also there: in 12. 00 - a lunch, in 21. 00 - release. Despite pouring rains, traffic jams and shish kebabs arranged with all family.

this sword of Damocles in the form of the shifted svekrovsky eyebrows taught us to jump over time instantly into trousers, in passing tying the son a hat, to be painted in 10 minutes and to put all necessary bags and folders since evening.

We Wait for you by a lunch! - iron tone she speaks, and it means, it is necessary to be turned inside out, but without five twelve to park on a lawn. Otherwise my three-year-old peanut, after the grandmother, will strictly shake finger at us: It is unworthy to be late! . And to lose prestige on eyes of own children - oh as there is no wish!

Well I remember how our trainer dealt with similar things:

- How many people it is necessary that to all command to be here in time???

General confusion.

Silence. we Try to estimate

mentally how many now us in the hall - such confused chaps who are not appreciating precious minutes of each other.

- That to all Command to be in time, is NECESSARY ONLY ONE PERSON! About - DYNES!!! - the trainer rattles. - And all!!! Wonder, do not dump on others opozdun. Never pledge the word to yourself - - kog - yes not to be late!

At Vasily Aksyonov in the novel - a utopia Island of Crimea published nearly thirty years ago, but describing events far 90 - x, there is a good phrase:

In six thirty interviews in studio Hey - Bee - Xi. Then reception of Penkluba. Admissible delay half an hour. I keep within... .

Even the fantastic future, according to Aksyonov, not in forces to correct our taken roots habit to leave time for emergency.

It is difficult to arrive on time? At all! I Will tell

more: if life of your relatives depended on your punctuality, you, probably, would make all impossible, but were in time!

It is valid, there are such mad situations, and we are turned out. And then we respect ourselves, we are inflated with pride and we tell all greedily about such elementary thing how to leave a bit earlier...

I do not love opozdun. I bring up them. Despite of age. I tell off to paint on a face and silent mutter: Well, what you were brought? All right - it is fine, I understood everything... .

to me it is just unclear why some people can kartinno leave off smoking, publicly refuse alcohol or publicly declare that go to a gym, but at the same time can come for years to meetings not in time? Of course, will power training - is purer than training of group of muscles! She demands continuous maintenance of your good manners in a tone. And it is difficult.

Please, be in time!!! Always!