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Choice of profession - a matter of luck?

are Much said about how it is important correct to choose a profession, to find the business. I also wrote about it not one article. As it is important to recognize himself, to objectively estimate the abilities, to understand the desires as it is important to learn more about future profession Generally, it is important to treat all this most seriously, consciously, to begin to think of it as soon as possible, and then there is a chance that you will become the happy owner lifework and callings . Then you all life will go to work with pleasure, will make remarkable career and all in such spirit.

In reality turns out that other mechanism quite often works. The mechanism which can be considered practically as accident. It can be tracked well if to listen a story of the famous people about how they chose the profession. In these stories recognitions that the choice of profession was not especially conscious or purposeful quite often meet.

Meet a story about entering a higher education institution in which it appeared it is easier to arrive, a story about casual hit, let us assume, on a shooting stage and so on. And such there is a lot of stories, to disappointment of journalists who want to describe classical success history about the little boy (or the girl), since the childhood playing only the doctor or the teacher and as a result that become.

At the same time it is necessary to understand, as the part of such stories of success is made already a post factum. Our brain is arranged so that tries to build all events in the logical interconnected chain where one event is the reason of another. Well who did not play in the childhood the doctor what girl did not dream though few weeks of the childhood to become an actress? But if so it happened that when grew, it the actress also became, this usual children`s game special , prophetical, the sense by

So suddenly begins to be attributed to some , seldom which of successful professionals came to the sphere purposefully, on the basis of careful studying of own abilities, tendencies and qualities. At best, it is some vague interest in this field of activity. And if to be more exact, then to that myth about this field of activity which at it in the head exists.

There now, for example. The girl decided to become the doctor because it seems to her that it is a remarkable noble profession, and there is a strong wish to be to all this nobility to be somehow involved. And it is possible though she does not remember it any more, once in the deep childhood she was struck by the people in white dressing gowns creating magic in some feature film. Does not remember, and the image remained. Besides, the chemistry at school was taught by the talented teacher, so one and all pupils loved this subject. And the girl knew that she should go in for chemistry at medical institute. Everything met, it was not so difficult to arrive.

Nobody knows and whether professional activity of the doctor and now suited, really, the girl and not to learn. Because she began to study as the doctor. Was surprised to much, of course, was disappointed in many myths, but where already was to disappear. That excessive sensitivity that forced it to scream first from a type of blood on everyone laboratory, gradually became dull. The necessary corrosiveness had to be got because without it not to hand over was examinations to captious teachers. As a result the girl became quite professional suitable doctor gradually. By sixth year of rotation in this environment it already nobody else, except the doctor, also could not present itself.

So left that with one of teachers there were at our heroine relations better, than with others, it was logical to choose him as the research supervisor. The teacher was from department of cardiology, so the girl became not just the doctor, namely the cardiologist.

So it happened that just by the time of the end of training in the city constructed the new cardiological center, gathered a lot of personnel, the girl managed there and to settle. The collective was amicable, the administration competent, generally, the first impressions of labor life at the girl were the most positive. From a profession or from work - now it is not so important. Besides, the center was new, the structure flexible, as a result quickly enough our heroine became the manager of one of offices.

And here before us - the successful cardiologist, the real expert in the branch. And that seventeen-year-old girl who, on most - that business, could become both the engineer, and the teacher, and the sales manager. Yes very many people it could become, to many fields of activity had approximately equal abilities But so happened that there was it the doctor. And now she is a doctor.

And I, for example, incidentally got on externship to a gymnasium, and to very good gymnasium. I could get with the profession on this practice anywhere - from militia to the trading company. But at that moment I got to a gymnasium, and in this gymnasium it was pleasant to me. So left. Perhaps and in militia it would be pleasant to me, and get I to some other gymnasium - perhaps, I would hate all education at once and would put on the cross is mute. But I got to this gymnasium, as a result I seven years in education. I quite often think How I got to this bog?! but every year I see myself somewhere still less.

Ask yourself the same question. Why you are engaged in in what you are engaged? You aspired to it all the conscious life? Or circumstances pushed you to this sphere, and now you already well understand it and consider it business. Reflect - how many real alternatives you had? So you chose by

the profession or the profession chose you?