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You use foul language? Long you will not live!

From a night service evening going home, Antipyevn`s

quarreled with Marfushkoyu; Antipyevn`s

greatly got excited.

The Billeting, - shouts, - I will cope with you;

You think that I forgot

of Tu night when, having got into a corner,

You with the godson Vanyushkoyu plaid pranks?

the Billeting, about everything is learned by the hubby!

- You to threaten! - Marfushka answers: Vanyush`s

- that? It still child;

A the matchmaker Trophime who at you put

I, and night? All city knows it.

Be silent, the godmother: and you as I, am guilty, words razobidit

A of everyone; others - - - - - a straw you see


A at yourself do not see also a log.

Which of you did not pick up the passed word? Such is not present, I can tell from 100% confidence! It is much more difficult to recognize the author, isn`t it? I report: Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. And this poem with such admission was printed in popular editions of collected works of the great poet at the time of strict Soviet censorship.

And now try to remember, you when began to pronounce abusive words? I, for example, do not remember. I suspect that it occurred early enough. My nephew at the age of 4 or 5 years, kindergarten, having become angry on me, gave out: Wow blyad what! Also gave out consciously, with rage and with the use of a swear word suitable occasionally!

Well not to take away from language its component - abusive curses. It is a reality which can accept or be not to accepted, to use a mat or to abstain from it, but the mat existed long ago and will long exist (if not to tell, is eternal).

And now - the quote from the classic: Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin Misters Golovlev (pisano in 1880).

The head of family Vladimir Mikhaylovich Golovlev still was from the youth known for the careless and naughty character, and for Arina Petrovna always differing in gravity and efficiency, never represented anything nice. He conducted life idle and bezdelny, was most often locked at itself(himself) in an office, imitated singing of starlings, roosters and was engaged in the composition so-called free verses . Minutes of frank outpourings it bragged of the fact that was Barkov`s friend and that the last even blessed it on a death bed.

Ivan Semenovich of Barks (1732 - 1768) received only scandalous glory though he for the short life managed to make a lot of interesting. Let`s tell, I heard this name in connection with the abusive poem Luka Mudishchev . Also heard still being a teenager (here memory does not work, I do not know precisely, at what age).

We will not go in cycles in what Vladimir Mikhaylovich quite could play people around: too dates of life that he was Barkov`s friend do not match. But the mention of Barkov in such work already deserves some reflections. And very first conclusion: the author was familiar with creativity of this person.

Tell who reads Century today. Zhukovsky? To whom is Dmitry Venevitinov familiar? Who is familiar with Nikolay Yazykov`s creativity? And Wilhelm Kuchelbecker? Anton Delwig? And here about Barkov all, even know those who per se do not love poetry in general.

In my opinion, Barkov`s verses from the point of view of especially literary are extraordinary talented. Take into account that he wrote the abusive creations at the time of Derzhavin. With what syllable then wrote verses? Yes none of poets of that time owned the simple Russian speech! And furthermore - poetic! And Barks almost in 50 years prior to Pushkin wrote verses in which both humour, and satire, and brilliant possession of technology of versification:

To Priap. Ode.

Between white zyblyushchikhsya of mountains,

In a hollow between bushes of charming

you Have the temple and the yard,

you live In limits pretesny .

(And here one of Barkov`s contemporaries, N. N. Popovsky who along with it worked for M. V. Lomonosov so wrote:

From silent the sun of waters ascends,

through a bagryana with itself brings Fine day a door

Into Russia, which we Petrova dshcher

Vosshedsha on a throne beheld


of Heart fun began to boil, Vseradostny that having remembered


Rustle fields, the woods and waters,

To oblak the different people

Solemn uplift a voice .)

In Barkov`s fragment given above there is some grace, but it is rather an exception. In its verses more than enough places written very roughly, carnal, on - country . Perhaps, in it a secret of its unfading glory? Perhaps, this deliberate roughness also does its poetry attractive not only for people at whom the speech without mat is impossible, but also for those intellectuals who love poshchegolyat knowledge such?

The contamination of the ordinary speech a mat can play a dirty trick. My friend told that the graduate student who was almost not using normal words was forced to train specially that at him something absolutely dissonant did not drop out from a mouth during defense of a thesis.

Studying of an offensive language sometimes is just necessary. At the American intelligence school there is a training: How to behave in line for " beer;. The teacher tells that having approached turn it is necessary to ask who the last, fresh beer or not, quickly or slowly goes turn The cadet asks: And where it is necessary to insert an indefinite article Blyad ?

It is as if a joke, but too blank speech will expose the spy (forgive for a pun). And you had cases when ignorance of an offensive language led to not really pleasant situations? For example, you heard some word unfamiliar to you and at the top of the voice ask the satellite that it means. And the satellite, having as if been embarrassed, asks nevermore you to pronounce such words. Happened? It happened to my mother once on the street when she (she was about 20 years old) asked about it the husband.

The fashion on a mat among people who apply for intelligence is similar to a perversion. A perversion which gets into all fields of activity. Now it is possible to hear strong language not only on the street. It prospers and in such, apparently, decent place as theater. There are plays in which characters express with a mat. And only it is good! Managed to make a performance Luka Mudishchev with naked actors!

In my uneducated opinion, it is possible to inform of an erotichnost the viewer without mat and without exposed flesh. In theater of Satire in Moscow there was a play " in due time; Mad day or Figaro`s marriage . Remarkable actors played: Vera Vasilyeva and Alexander Shirvindt. Represented a scene in the countess`s bedroom just while in her toilet room there was a page Cherubino. Nobody undressed, nobody used foul language, but it was extremely clear that occurs and what had to occur.

I am not a hypocrite, I too sometimes use a mat (when I tell jokes). And here the universal foul language, in my opinion, is dissoluteness. It should be known, but to use without need? The speech contamination abusive words does not give it clarity. And in general, the foul language remains in air, it spoils the atmosphere. And all want good ecology! So it is not necessary to spoil it! Let`s not use foul language - we will longer live!