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And you wrote the report?

To a lunch break remained no more than an hour. Then even some four hours and working Friday smoothly is also promising will pass on Friday evening, with a tasty dinner before some not really ridiculous “ Notice “ or the silly American fighter, with the misted small bottle of favourite beer and pleasant idleness.

Daredevils blissfully narrowed eyes and it was all over extended on the rigid chair as if already feeling on a cozy sofa, after a nourishing meal before istomno the lulling TV, for a minute having forgotten that it still is at work and until the end of labor watch of a half a day more.

The first half of day passed without special works. All without words understood, Friday for the working person - day almost sacred, the eve of such short days off in which you should not trouble especially yourself and others production affairs, and it is worth spending this blessed time with advantage, that is in pleasant communication, discussion of plans for the future weekend, singing of teas and kofeev.

Among all this dozing idyll of Daredevils suddenly heard a nervous falsetto of Natalya Anatolyevna who addressed not it, Smelchakova, and to someone else, but obviously trying to attract as for some reason at once dawned on it, his attention: “ Why I have to do this foolish report on forecasting and implementation of export forecasts, and? I am not a manager! We have a manager! Let it also make! “.

“ Manager “ at them was Daredevils. And is more true the marketing specialist, but for Natalya Anatolyevna it was same - as well as for the majority. “ Dealer “ - it “ thriller “ “ bonus “ - it “ banner “ “ broker “ - it “ broker “. Ability to understand these values and others the become Russified inostranizm was equivalent long ago to immediate assignment of a high rank “ clever man “ to the one who possessed that ability, but to force to understand sense of these terms of those who behind need and without that continually juggled with them as the burning maces, it was almost impossible.

Daredevils pretended that did not feel this artful stab in the back from Natalya Anatolyevna at whom from time to time and itched everywhere - to alloy if only what her was not to liking, to somebody else.

- Pretends that does not hear - Natalya Anatolyevna Valentine to Aleksandrovna, the colleague and the workmate on a table maliciously noticed.

That as a faithful Cerberus, that hour apprehended team, as well as had to apprehend well well-mannered sentry dog, that is, without understanding as as, rose in defense of the girlfriend on shop which at the same time was also object of her gossips - so that to vanish when that long did not appear on the place, and there was a wish to talk so:

- Yes, Daredevils, it is your work. You have to do it.

- With what it a time work of the economist became work of the marketing specialist? - shy took an interest Daredevils, having caused that impudent question on itself squall of arguments, memoirs of ten-year prescription and just rough emotions.

- The manager has to do this work - Natalya Anatolyevna obviously worried, trying to bring correctness of the conclusions to Smelchakov.

- The marketing specialist - modestly corrected her Daredevils.

- the Manager, the marketing specialist - what difference?! You have to do this work! - Natalya Anatolyevna losing over herself control raged.

- is valid what difference - gave a hint Daredevils.

- That?

- So, anything. Continue, I ask you. You have very telling arguments. All would be desirable to listen to them.

- You have to monitor forecasts and make such reports because it is your work - Natalya Anatolyevna reveled in own eloquence.

of Daredevils lost patience. It could not take out more this shout of a poor cat on a knackery.

- is good, give your account. But consider, I have no data on export. All of them at you. And I have no idea that to me here to draw.

- I will help you - Natalya Anatolyevna, after a furious panther, turned again into a lovely domestic kitty whom scratched behind an ear.

“ I Will be engaged in it after a lunch “ - thought about himself Daredevils. “ And what to write me there? I will not apply mind “.

He really did not know as to it to calculate percent of export and what to write moreover so that this useless scrap of paper was enough not less, than on the page - only when it is written much and obscure, “ " water is poured; and “ oil became oily “ you begin to be perceived seriously.

After a lunch, pomayavshis about half an hour over three thick folders that Natalya Ivanovna brought to it in the help, poskladyvav and poumnozhav, Daredevils were crumpled in a fit of temper by an izvazyukanny sheet of paper in a recycle bin, and leaned back on a chair back.

- What the hell - he thought, being indignant - I do not know what here to write.

Pomuchivshis about half an hour, it unwillingly, with “ a cap in a hand “ trudged to

to the faithful companion Natalya Anatolyevna:

- Natalya Anatolyevna, help me. You have all figures, all data! I do not know how many you shipped this month why it is less or more, than in previous why it, but not that. Pardon, outline the handle that as, and I already as - nibud will formulate, I will bring down.

- Well, is fine - Natalya Anatolyevna obviously decided to help, having come off about set even to it the teeth on edge of a gossip and scrolling of glamourous magazines.

- Here and here so, both here, and here - it rounded percent, then, having looked pensively at a ceiling, rounded them still, added several figures, then deleted them.

- On, hold. Any more not than I cannot help.

Daredevils were scratched perplexedly by a nape, then put a forefinger to the lips put by a tubule, trying to conjecture from where to it to take still, at least, lines so twenty, for greater persuasiveness “ rounded “ data on export.

Having looked through the magazines which are generously provided to it by Natalya Anatiolyevna it snatched out couple of lines from the previous report, to steam from the fact that preceded the last, then inserted a two-three of the twirled phrases, having stood all this rondeau in strict bureaucratic style and having flavored it with a promising ending next month everything is obligatory “ to execute and exceed “.

This florid free verse was full of participial and verbal adverb phrases in which often one paragraph began and came to an end with one “ mighty “ and crinkles the braiding offer.

To understand this epistolary chef d’oeuvre in all depth, Smelchakov most needed to read it several times.

Internally shuddering from grandness of all events, Daredevils were put by a zagogulenny leaf to Natalya Anatolyevna, a back expecting exclamations it seems “ not, not so “ “ here it is necessary in a different way “ or “ you che wrote? “.

But not a minute later, even two, Daredevils heard nothing. Having carefully turned, he saw as Natalya Anatolyevna, having frowned the forehead, on syllables and moving lips as in the fifth class of high school, chews its great abracadabra.

Then, on all visibilities, without having coped with incredible intellectual tension, she somehow strange exclaimed “ Remarkably! “ also put a piece of paper for the signature to the head of department Sergey Nikolaevich, the young man preferring to wander about boundless open spaces of the Internet, but not on greasy floors of our dirty shops, or to stick out where - nibud in a smoking-room.

Sergey Nikolaevich, also pomorshchiv a forehead, and having picked a finger in a nose, tried to penetrate into this sacrament from the magic letters and words traced by Smelchakov, but in five minutes, it sweated and weakened, in fear rolling the black eyes, quietly asked Natalya Anatolyevna:

- It che it?

is? Ah, it! It is the forecast for export.

- And, well, of course - regained consciousness Sergey Nikolaevich from the pensive stupor which captured it - the report on export, the report on export, the report on export - he mumbled several times, probably, not to forget. But

did not begin to read any more. - it is magnificent! - he declared in public - the report can be sent - and having waved the curls at the very bottom, with pride stretched to Smelchakov the document.

- the Good fellow, Daredevils! Keep in there!

In the ministry where Daredevils were sent by fax by the report, also long

were silent, then asked to repeat, probably without having got to the bottom of the sense written and believing that paper or the fax is guilty of everything. Then asked to call next day to make which - what remarks and offers on completion. But also next day the confused secretary declared that the report very much was pleasant to Ivan Ivanychu and does not need completions.

© Copyright: Igor Tkachyov, 2008