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Whether it is necessary to encourage initiative of employees? Stable work of the company implies

that all actions of employees are registered. And how initiative?

the Question connected with an initiative for certain will cause in you the mass of emotions and will generate tens of new judgments and opinions. I will begin the answer with the offer with which not everyone will agree: The INITIATIVE is not NECESSARY ANY MORE . A rule number one - initiative for 2%. No more. Remember one of your requirements which you imposed to employees at employment: initiative. Take the application submitted to department of personnel and safely strike this characteristic off the list of personal qualities.

Initiative costs much. As often you hear the employee`s justification: I thought, it will be so better ? And to think, in this case, = to show an initiative. I disaccustom ordinary employees to think when performing ordinary instructions. It is not necessary to think. Everything is registered. It is necessary to carry out. It is necessary to think before performance of work and after its performance, and also, using 2% of initiative, to offer adjustments and to make the correcting and warning actions. If in advance see a mistake or an opportunity to improve process - about it it is necessary to report, it is necessary to express the opinion. At small factory the same nut can be tightened three times. Work is performed three times. Someone will tell that it is better, than would never be made, but we do not consider these options. This same unsystematic character.

You had a huge number of questions, you agreed with some aspects, others are ready to disprove to the last You consider that in your employees the informal ban on an initiative will kill not only initiative, but also in general desire to work? Openly suggest them to show an initiative, report about encouragement of these actions and look at results. Believe

, so sharply this question is not necessary. If the employee has a desire to prove - define to it area for self-expression. In any system such area exists. Unfortunately or to pleasure, but in any organization its already structure divides all employees on those who think and those who do .

A half of applicants say that they are initiative people - in practice it appears absolutely on the contrary. Many employees from - for wanted as it is better all lead up to it turned out, as always . Perhaps, it is worth punishing employees for manifestation of an initiative. Bring in corporate memory that manifestation of an initiative is punishable. Will not show an initiative any more.

If to leave an initiative at the former level as far as it can be combined with system?

it is possible to b to Combine

. At the same time it is necessary to be ready to the fact that where the initiative is resolved, mistakes will be made. At emergence of such mistakes you cannot charge with them to the employee who allowed them. The employee to whom you granted the right to think, make the decision and to put this decision in action (namely it and treats the concept initiative ) should not bear responsibility for it. You remember, in the previous question I focused attention on it: the employee wanted to make as it is better it did not turn out.

Coming back to the previous question, it is necessary to remember a possibility of granting area to the employee for self-expression. I intentionally declare to this or that employee (more often to the head of department) a possibility of adoption of independent decisions on any question. These are questions which solution cannot cause to activity any damage as any its decision will be positive.

How to be with an initiative of heads of departments or divisions?

Heads of departments belong to the category where not only the sense of duty, but also that initiative within competence is necessary. Within competence - it is important! Neither it is more, nor it is less. And a framework is defined by you, only do not forget to report about them to the employee. Not established framework is a freedom of action.

How to be with an initiative of the employees who came from the competing companies?

Here everything depends first of all about whether there is in your company a system. According to it events can develop according to two standard scenarios. Or the beginner brings you technology and a form of work which in your company can be more effective or maybe less effective. You should not forget that within that the organizations all this was working material, within yours at best it can be simply useless. Therefore the initiative question is considered only at the initial level here. Whether you will begin to change something or to introduce and, respectively, to register, or not.

After lack of an initiative inaction can come. Whether so it?

Exists very serious fundamental difference of lack of an initiative from inaction which is that in the course of performance of this or that work the employee can notice a mistake, but will continue to carry out standard operations that finally will lead to losses of the company. Enter

explanatory for inaction. In our company inaction is equated to unintentional attempt of drawing the company of damage and it is unimportant whether this damage was caused, or he managed to be warned.