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How to choose the snow blower?

Winter not far off Very soon everything will become covered by a white white carpet: streets, at home, trees, and together with them and footpaths, paths, steps and all the rest.

That can be better, than run out on the street with the sledge or skis in frosty morning.

But only city dwellers can dream of it. Every morning so far we sleep, care for us and clear all paths, garages, steps about an entrance. to DO

A HERE THAT to owners of country houses and dachas?

Every morning as a campaign on war! Yes, after such hour war it will hardly want to ride the sledge or skis! Just there will be no force left.

you Want to turn war into hobby? Whether long ago you were played with machines, how in the childhood?

Let`s return to the childhood - and with it we will be helped by snow blowers!

Only for a start let`s understand - what the super assistant is? Sushchestvet`s

2 types of snow blowers: self-propelled snow blowers and not self-propelled snow blowers.

Self-propelled snow blowers are generally used for more difficult works on snow cleaning. The self-propelled snow blower needs just to be held and sent to operating time as it moves. Self-propelled snow blowers are equipped with double system screws / krylchatka. Such system allows to give effectively snow of any density to the car, to break it and only after that to blow it by means of the powerful fan.

Latest models of snow blowers have electric start which allows to start easily the cold engine simple pressing of the button, and the hot engine is started by the starter handle. To work in extreme conditions now as easy as shelling pears!

Also by means of the special lever on the panel you will be able to regulate the speed of the movement forward and a backing.

A for work in the evening days can use halogen headlights. That agree too it is important.

Well than not the toy machine? Such self-propelled snow blower is capable will cope even with deep snow.

Also exist also not self-propelled snow blowers which are equipped with electric and petrol motors of small power.

System at such snow blowers is much simpler - only one-stage what allows to reject snow on small distance to 5 m

Not self-propelled snow blowers are suitable rather for cleaning of just dropped out friable snow, for example for cleaning of platform snow under the car or paths near the house.

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