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What do we know about plants - signs of a flower horoscope? Peony.

Peony Time in a flower horoscope - from November 13 to November 22.

Robust fellows and healthy fellows Peonies can not be afraid for health if only themselves is not ruined excessive loadings. Complaisance of character of representatives of a sign is shown literally in everything, except work. Work is sacred cow which surrounding is better for not concerning. Endurance of Peonies, their diligence and productivity know no limit.

They do not like to idle. Even rest has to keep them in suspense. Sport, travel, campaigns are for Peonies. The confidence in own forces sometimes is excessive and generates condescension to other people.

Peony above everything therefore does not pay special attention to the immediate environment and without analysis maintains the equal relations with all. They quite are enough, to approach someone, to make a family the sign often just does not see sense.

A peony - a sort of grassy perennials and bushes, the only sort of family of Pionovye. Plants are appreciated by gardeners the magnificent foliage and bright flowers blossoming at the end of spring.

The beautiful legend is connected with the name Peony. The pupil Eskulapa, god of doctoring, an otvratitel of the evil Pean worked on the Olympus the practicing doctor. It appears to gods, too medical care was necessary from time to time. Once it even cured Hades, god of an underground kingdom of the dead, the victim in cruel fight with Heracles. Progress of the pupil caused envy of the teacher who decided to poison the talented doctor. The last was come to the rescue by the grateful Hades who turned Pean into a fine flower, similar to a rose.

Bright beauty of a peony, of course, could not be left without human attention. In culture the plant is grown up since old times. In a classical antiquity and ancient China peonies were appreciated not only decorative qualities, but also as herbs.

In China the peony was considered as accessory of the imperial yard, commoners could not grow up it. The Chinese flower growers knew more than 30 grades some of which were appreciated worth its weight in gold.

It is considered that in Russia peonies are known since the time of Peter I. Perhaps and so, if to talk about cultivars. But we have also own peonies which are still living in different regions.

In the Far East the peony belotsvetkovy, or Chinese, in the south of Russia - a peony tonkolistny, or narrow-leaved, in the Crimea - a peony Taurian, it Crimean or trizhdytroychaty is known. Endemic of Western Caucasus Vitman`s peony. On forest edges, hillsides and steppes of Siberia Maryin a root, or a peony strange grows.

The listed Russian peonies long since are known to people and are widely used in traditional medicine. With the medical purpose leaves, flowers, stalks and root cones are used. They contain a set of useful substances: flavonoids, antotsiana, vitamin C, tannins, etc. Infusion of a peony use

as soothing, spazmolitichesky, diuretic, expectorant, zhelchegonny, anti-inflammatory, styptic and a disinfectant. At the same time you should not forget that some peonies - poisonous plants, for example, a peony tonkolistny.

Fine decorative qualities and a simple agrotechnology made peonies extraordinary popular in many countries. Adhering to simple recommendations, even the beginning flower grower - the fan will achieve success. Try and be convinced.