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When the countries the first Russian movie came out and about what it was?

on October 15, 1908, exactly 100 years ago, to the Russian society were the first domestic movie " is presented; Ponizovy outlaws . It was the first fiction film as since 1896 fans cinematograph had honor to observe the documentary cinema generally devoted to life of an imperial family. Yes, foreign pictures showed to public from time to time, but the, native cinema was not until then If something to do

, then to be the first

the Scriptwriter V. Goncharov and the director V. Romashkov were employed by the enterprising producer, and chose for shootings such inconvenient for the Russian authorities a subject, as life of the free Cossack Stepan Razin. Naturally, still before the picture appeared on the screen, it passed the most severe cleaning censors cleaned too free phrases . But the success of a picture all the same was tremendous: the audience storm took not numerous then halls for viewing.

And everything began with the photographer - the enthusiast Alexander Drankov. It in the native Sevastopol had a reputation though the odd fellow, but the unsurpassed master. The odd fellow because it was not satisfied what can be found in flea markets, and put business of the photo in a big way. In - the first, went to London and bought the newest lighting equipment, the reflex camera which allowed to do unprecedented till that time in Russia instant pictures. Moreover, the young man did not become isolated with the pictures only in the native fatherland. Its photos began to be published in the English and French magazines that allowed Drankov to take the place court the photographer who immortalized for history significant and not really events from life of the imperial yard.

The fire in a wing or figure skating of the skater Panin

He the first mastered cinema: every week within a year released new film plots: Appointment of monarchs in Revel Arrival of the Swedish king in Russia The Wedding at the prince Trubetskoy The Fire in St. Petersburg Crash on the station Pomeran Nikolaev. Figure skating on skates in St. Petersburg the famous skater Panin Day 80 - the anniversaries of the count L. N. Tolstoy and others.

But Drankov understood: to attract people in movie theaters, the movie as now would be expressed, the blockbuster is necessary. And therefore it also undertook Stenka Razin, knowing as love Sadovnikov`s song in which there are words in the people: And overboard throws it into the run wave . However, specially to the movie it ordered to the young composer Ippolitov - to write to Ivanov the overture. And after the task was performed, Drankov disposed to make a phonograph record to each copy of the movie. When the session began, the plate was put on a record player, and almost dubbed movie turned out.

In battle scenes about 100 actors sankt - the St. Petersburg theaters were busy. Each of them tried to prove to be, but how it is possible to make it if the movie is shot without sound? Remained to grimace and gesticulate only desperately

the West all " In the beginning; pinched at us...

But Drankov went further away. Before each beginning of a session it showed fragments of the future movies. From it the tradition " went; to twist a newsreel, announcing movies. After St. Petersburg this tradition slowly removed to all European and American movie theaters

of Shooting passed in the historical place which became a bit later Flood where in 1917 the leader of the world proletariat Vladimir Ilyich Lenin hid from police dogs of Provisional government. The script for the movie was written by the engineer - the railroader Vasily Mikhaylovich Goncharov. It took the national song " as a basis; From - for islands on a midstream having thought up six sketches - statements including nonexistent prince Hasan, of whom Stenka Razin is jealous the princess, of

Each scene lasts very not for long, about a minute. The general duration of a session made only 6 minutes. That is why during broadcasting the audience amicably began to sing along the song, and after viewing demanded to repeat a session

Needs to add that Alexander Drankov was a founder not only the first fiction film. He also the first in Russia shot detective series Sonka - the Gold " Handle; (1914 - 1915) which had mad success in mass public. And in 1920 Drankov in the Crimea shot also the first pornographic movie. The same year he emigrated to Constantinople where he arranged cockroach races on a potreba to public. From Turkey moved to the USA, tried to settle to Hollywood, but it is unsuccessful. Ended the life after World War II, in the foreign land