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Who is remembered by orthodox church on October 15?

B far - the remote past which was 18 centuries ago in far overseas Antiokhiya, in a pagan family the boy was born, and called it Kiprian (the Greek name, is translated - it is from Cyprus). Since seven years for twenty three years it comprehended pagan philosophy and sorcery. Having ended training, it was devoted in priests on the great mountain of Olympe. Did not pass also year as there was it the Chief priest for right service to a devil and the magical abilities: to exhaust people with a malefice and diseases, to call dead persons, to operate elements. There was it and the talented teacher: training in sorcery, ruined many pupils and their experimental victims - people.

In the same place where veins yes Kiprian conjured, there lived a good maiden Iustina. From paganism she came to Christianity and devoted the life to a prayer and a strict post. One young man liked that maiden, but, having imposed on herself a vow and belonging to the Heavenly Groom, she could not marry the young man. Having lost the head, the young man in love appealed to Kyprianou to incline Iustina by a marriage by means of a charodeystvo. At all the power the pagan could make nothing: having sent demons on the maiden to kindle in her carnal passion, spells, having accepted the tempting appearances. Belief, a post, a prayer and the Sign of the cross it cast out demons, broke a magical spell, drove away diseases from residents. Then to the priest all pettiness of his belief and the power opened. He asked a Satan a question: The Satan if you are afraid even of the Cross shadow that you will do when Christ comes to you? Having heard the Christ`s name, the devil attacked on Kiprian and began to smother him. Kiprian, hot faith in Christ, was saved from death.

Without losing day, Kiprian accepted the Sacred Epiphany and turned all pagans of the former diocese to Christ. For the eighth day after the Epiphany it was made by the reader at orthodox church, on the twentieth - appropriated it the subdeacon`s rank, it was built to the thirtieth in the deacon, and on 365 - y day - is imposed in the presbyter, and soon - served to the bishop.

The maiden Iustina came to the monastery and was the Mother Superior. At the time of persecution on Christians the bishop Kiprian and the Mother Superior Iustina were seized, and for the whole year in every possible way scoffed at them. In 304 our era Kiprian and Iustina martyrly finished the course of life, it chopped off the heads.

On death their faces were ranked as Saints: hieromartyr Kiprian and martyr Iustina. To them handle a prayer about protection against magical, magic and other evil spirit, about disposal of diseases corporal and sincere. Names of Saints are especially remembered by Orthodox Christians on October 15 on new style (on October 2 on old style).

Relics of Saints Kiprian and Iustina are stored throughout eight centuries in the temple devoted to their name in the village of Meniko in Cyprus. In Pokrovsky Cathedral, in St. Basil`s Cathedral, at Red Square in Moscow - the northern gallery and a portal of church are called by the names of Saints Kiprian and Iustina.

(Article is written on materials of books Lives of Saints in a statement of the prelate Dmitry, the Metropolitan Rostovsky 12 volumes, prod. prp. Maximus the Confessor, Barnaul, 2003 - 2004.)

of the Photo from the websites Russian general education " portal; and Arrival of the hieromartyr Kiprian and martyr Iustina, Frankfurt am Main. Germany