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The car - to buy now or to wait?

Fall outside and world financial crisis! And here we conceived to move to such time difficult in every respect in country rather suburban, the house. About the reasons of this decision, problems and difficulties, I will tell as - nibud another time - believe, is what to share!

And here now I want to argue on a subject, in connection with moving actual for us and for certain interesting much - whether should buy the car now and if yes, as it to make that competently? We consider credit purchase of the new car in salon at the official dealer.

The crisis first designated in native to me areas of real estate the fire was thrown on all adjacent territories, without having laid aside automobile branch. Reduce release and reduce production programs practically all car makers - and ours, and foreign. The dealers who got used to the irrepressible growth of sales are forced to resort to different tricks in a pursuit of the client now.

Opel of all the buyers presents with the expanded insurance policy of KACKO+. The company Rolf reduces the prices of all model range of Mitsubishi from 15 thousand rubles for Colt, 30 thousand - for Lancer and to 120 (!) thousands of rubles on Pajero 4. Here, by the way, very big difference from the market of real estate: the most stubborn of local professionals still go on about an increase in prices for apartments, positive dynamics of demand and other improbable things!

In a crisis situation the car market proved very mobile and sensitive in comparison with the market of real estate. By experience of the last years much more successful for motor shows, it is possible to expect very interesting offers on the eve of New year and, especially, in the first weeks of the year coming. New year traditionally begins with sales last year`s cars. Purchase of such car does not strain us, thereby, we were determined by time - the beginning of the next year.

Now about finance. We, the credit sum buy up to 400 thousand rubles on tick. We begin to study a situation in banks and we see that requirements to borrowers very much became tougher, refusals in issuance of credits became frequent. Businessman writes that in September the number of refusals in issuance of credits increased by 70%! Noticeably interest rates, and on a car loan increased. So, the VW Finanz program the Alpha - bank offers dollars under 14, rubles under 15% per annum. Its GM Finance turns even more abruptly: dollars under 19, rubles - even under 22%!

The most ridiculous that there is a credit for consumer needs from 14% per annum in rubles for the sum up to 581 thousand rubles and term till three years that quite suits us. Such credit is issued on individual conditions therefore it is necessary to watch and try to get attentively best accompanying conditions - starting expenses, the possible commissions etc. of

Besides banks, it is possible to find interesting terms for crediting from actually producers. So, according to the NISSAN FINANCE program it will be 7,9 - 11,5% in dollars, 8,8 - 14,0% in rubles. RENAULT Credit offers own product with similar conditions.

Here also we come that there are at least two ways. The first - to take consumer loan and at the beginning of the next year with a bag of cash to visit all interesting motor shows in search of the best conditions. The second - already now to enter the credit program from car maker. Here you should not count on decrease in an interest rate - not those nowadays tendencies.

What we will choose - yet I do not know, both options are pleasant. At any decision, it is necessary to watch closely very much news of the automobile and financial market not to miss the most interesting offers. It is necessary to be so attentive when signing the credit agreement: bankers and sellers willingly share with us the risks!

For now I will go - I to decide on brand - model - a complete set! Will be what to report - I will surely write!