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How men come back?

of the Man always come back. Such nature at them: to achieve love, to lose interest, to throw, and then to return. And, they want to return when are not interesting to you when in life a full order and the new love met. And here he calls you or happens on the street, suggests to meet. And there is a strong wish to agree. Because spring or fall because memoirs come.

Once it was for you thereby, one and only. But you left, perhaps, on your initiative, but hope that he will try to return. However there passes time, and there are no attempts to stop parting. And you abuse yourself for nonsense, but pride does not allow to come most. And there is already no place to come. You saw it with another. To them it was good together, they kissed and held hands. He embraced her as once you, the owner`s hand, and you remember how it was pleasant to be in these embraces. To understand that he does not want to release you for a minute. Memoirs.

Or, maybe, he took a decisive step, and you were not ready to it at all. Just everything happened so unexpectedly. He long tried to obtain you, went a tail and when you made a step, was immensely happy. Everything was very good, it is even fine. But once he told that your relations became fresh that he began to be tired of them. Naturally, you begin to blame for parting of. To look for the reasons, and even you find them.

It seems to you that you began to watch less yourself or turned into the stay-at-home or maybe did not learn to cook its favourite borsch. Then long you suffer, you worry. The fingers are all thumbs, there is no wish to work also what to work, there is even no wish to live. And you begin to exist. Happens, even you call him and you are silent in a tube. And then you meet him. Of course, it looks perfectly, something tells, laughs. And from its look it becomes even worse. Because you are angry with yourself. You are angry for what you endure, you cannot normally live and constantly you think of it.

It perfectly does without you. She tries to obtain another, maybe, already the third or fourth since you left. You are angry, and the desire to show that to you it is good too that you live too comes to this moment. At the nights you already in thousand time change the moment of the scheduled meeting. You at a party in an environment of admirers, in the resort with girlfriends, and are, as marry the handsome of the millionaire. At night you regret that dreams do not become reality.

And there passes time. All bad is forgotten, you do not want to revenge or be better any more, than is actually. Work begins to bring joy and happy girlfriends do not irritate any more. And flirtation You do not understand any more how you did without it earlier. And when was with it and after you left. It appears, you are not unfortunate, simply free at all. Besides men clearly let know that they are interested in you that you not crippled some, but normal, beautiful woman.

And then the man appears. He is not a handsome and even not the millionaire. And maybe, both that, and another. He smiles to you and pays compliments. It is pleasant to you, and heart begins to fight quickly, quickly. Again there are wings behind the back. You are in love and hesitate to look to it in the face though for a long time not the girl. First kiss, first night. You are happy, and it does you the offer or maybe are simply happy together. You forgot about last love. Or rather, not absolutely forgot, just there were only pleasant memories, you are happy.

And here it appears. No matter, how. Whether you met it by chance, or he dialed your phone number. Asks to meet, says that understood what nonsense made and presents you with a choice. To meet, again to plunge into a whirlpool or to refuse? In the evening you look at the sleeping man, that which managed to present you happiness and to which to spit as you look and whether you are able to cook borsch. You look and think: to meet or not?

You know, I for myself solved everything. There will be no more meetings. Not for nothing popular wisdom says that one river not to enter twice. It`s true. Tried. Because they always come back. If he wants, become him another. However, it will be cruel. There is no worst fate, than to see joyful and happy you who is not accepting return.