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How our ancestors treated elements of fire?

the Father you, the tsar - fire, - addressed it Slavs, and added, - all you tsars the tsar. Our ancestors read fiery force and asked from it favor and mildness. Still! That - that, and the fires claimed so many lives, without speaking about any material values...

It is unlikely accident that the name of hot elements is so conformable to the most ancient Vedic deity of Agni who was a twin brother of the tsar of gods Indra and patronized fire. And - not to count fiery serpents in folklore.

On the other hand, in any way not to do without fire also in daily occurrence: the burning center gives heat, light, food. It is one of the bearing universe bases. Can destroy - to destroy everything on the way, and can clear, warm and burn a creativity flame. How to divide these forms?

Our ancestors considered that the enemy fire becomes only when there is no appropriate care of it in the house. While love and esteem, he protects a family and if ceased - will not spare, having turned from the keeper of life into uncontrollable force. That is it was a peculiar tuning fork of orderliness: so far entropy in small sizes, - ignores or levels, but if increases incredibly - destroys what generated it.

So, fire prefers an order, finishing if it is necessary, with chaos. Quite so, and not vice versa. Or build new construction to a big fire by certain rules, or leave it forever. Funny: even on present legal norms it is considered: if the chimney is whole, so burned out the house not completely, so, not such fire victims those who lost a roof over the head.

Important and the fact that fire was given from time immemorial the right for refereeing. The victims of its sentence could regret, but did not blame a flame for what it committed. Why? In the first chered, it is connected with his perception as a driving force. For outlook of Slavs in general establishment of higher rank of importance is characteristic of those forces that is capable to be managed - to work.

It is traced in all of them the relations with elements. And such relations not because of the fear which is holding down will, and opposite, proceeding from an opportunity to agree were under construction. Including all surrounding live, our wise ancestors not just endowed to the same " fire; from the stomach and recognized behind it the right for the way of communication which was sought to be understood.

... You sometime looked at a candle flame? Any metaphor is that there is a fiery flower no. It is possible to be convinced of it, having only looked more attentively at a motley spark, you and lit. And there it is possible to send any negative that collected in a day or for longer period of time.

The flame from it will not lose brightness. It will even be delighted to the fact that you put the inner world in order. And you, having had a look minutes five at this spark, you will feel rest in yourself. Also you learn that you are the new ally: ancient, checked for centuries and tyasyacheletiya, esteemed by ancestors, nicknamed the father - the tsar - fire.