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How to spy on the husband?

Hardly exist at least one person who would not desire to organize for someone shadowing. And furthermore, when this someone - the lawful spouse disappearing every Saturday for half a day, and even per day in the unknown direction. In office, speaks Only that does not have proofs - office phones are silent because other normal people have days off. And only your husband, without cease, works for the benefit of the company, and its right mobile phone asks not to miss. Even at the most mentally balanced person sooner or later from all this disgrace paranoia will begin. And what to do? Well not to go to office! Especially, there, most likely, there will be excessively vigilant security guard whose width repeatedly surpasses a doorway. To appeal to sympathy it is useless and even if will give a ride, then where to put pride? Perhaps to charge all dirty job to the private detective? Let will communicate to the security guard, and then the report on work will provide.

So, we will start the choice of detective agency or the private detective, their benefit is enough now both in the capital, and on the periphery. Only in the choice it it is necessary to be guided by only one intuition. If the intuition does not work, it with success can be replaced at random with a finger in the first announcement. Or to make a choice, proceeding from own sense of humour. Yes, sense of humour as at its absence hardly you will come to detective agency under the name Ms. Marple and companions . Still the option - to rely on harmony names. Menacing names, " type; Wolfhounds Tiger Slope most likely, point to communication of their workers with law enforcement agencies - communication with them will hardly take place in to warm friendly atmosphere . It is better to stop on something classically - neutral. Still it is possible to try to find the website of the agency interesting you or the detective on the Internet and horoshenechko to study it - if the company cares for the image and for the clients, then on pages of the website you will find all necessary information on services, and also quotations, contracts and contacts.

At all detectives irrespective of, private they or from detective agencies, hang on a stenochka any diplomas (generally lawyers), licenses. To define that from them natural and that a fake - it is unreal. And it is enough fakes - phony licenses are acquired by the fans who read detectives, and even mentally ill people, got a false idea themselves Sherlokami Holmsami. And therefore detective agencies in comparison with private detectives look more reliably: they have more employees - hardly all cranky.

To look for agency there is no sense cheaper - price policy at all one. And if suddenly you were lucky, you look, as if cheap the detective was not presented by Mr. Poirot.

Now it was necessary to step through a barrier of the fears and complexes and, having dialed number of this shelter of Niro Vulfov, well trained voice of the woman knowing the own worth to say: I Want to organize shadowing the husband!

Prepare for what the girl on phone will not tell you anything, will only write down on reception to the detective. After that you needed to come to precisely fixed time, to pay through cash desk consultation cost (the sum around five hundred - seven hundred rubles) and to lay out all details of the gloomy family life before the detective.

But there is one rule - say only the truth and it is desirable all. The skilled detective will quickly calculate your lies. And if does not calculate, all the same after your leaving learns all your cherished secrets. After that it in the right to refuse work on you, having kept advance payment Can happen and so that pseudo-information will cause big problems. For example: your husband has very profitable business, and your trick will suggest the detective an idea that shadowing the husband - a legend, and actually you carry out business - investigation. And it is already absolutely other money. Besides, the detective can quite notify notorious militia.

So, talking to the detective, honestly, truthfully and in detail tell it about suspicious absences of the spouse from the house and ask to organize shadowing. Moment: to ask to see couple of days - it is useless, the detective will tell that it is not enough two days - at least five. Only then he guarantees to 100% result. Neither your logical arguments, nor entreaties will help. Five days and point! And it is, by the way, 100 dollars an hour plus contingencies - are unprofitable.

For those whose budget will not pull so excessive burden, the detective can offer cheaper option - listing of location of the spouse on his phone calls (mobile and stationary).

Practical advice: if for any inexplicable intuitive reasons the detective is not pleasant to you, look for another better (their benefit enough). The earned intuition - a thing though low-studied, but is better to overestimate it, than to underestimate.