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Whether career and happy family life is compatible or whom kings marry?

of the Woman persistently fought for the rights. Centuries. Not only for the suffrage, but also for the right for professional activity. At last women won. And, of course, started accustoming to areas, new to themselves.

I remember when the first in life videorecorder was bought, we all family kept the eyes glued week from the screen. It was the new toy new and interesting. In a week the enthusiasm was included into a framework, and the video player became only one more home device, ordinary as the vacuum cleaner.

But women were torn to career where as longer, than to videorecorders. And here already week not to manage in any way. The enthusiasm still brims over. The plan of life is defined with career: at first to study, then - to do career and then - to marry, give birth to children. If was considered earlier that the woman arranged the life when she married and children were born, modern women connect life device with career. And it is unimportant in what area - whether it wants to become the shop assistant, whether the director of business concern.

But the director do not become in one day. And at some moment it turns out that years leave, a little more - will late bring children, and suitable from the point of view of marriage become more senior too, grow bald, get tummies and short wind. Then attempt to combine career with marriage becomes.

Here only one nuance - marriage assumes certain duties. Marriage is not only daily pleasures in life and continued support of other person. It needs the help too. At least in the form of three meals a day, the washed and ironed clothes, the cleaned apartment. Yes, it is ideal if both deal with household problems - both the husband, and the wife. It is fine if the husband helps to make a lunch or even trains him. Remarkably, if it washes the dishes. And if is not present? At the same time it at all not lazy cattle . He is just occupied person. It has a work and career too.

Nobody does not want to give up the work: to neither husband, nor wife. Both consider that they are capable to reach career tops. Strangely enough, women cling to a possibility of career development, than the man usually far more persistently. Probably, for the reason, on which my family did not take eyes the whole week from the videorecorder - a new toy.

Then - if there is opportunity - the housemaid, the nurse, the governess is employed. That was to whom to be engaged in a household trifle, like a dust wipe. That children were well-groomed that they were taken away in kindergarten and school in time, checked lessons, watched purity of ears and explained that it is necessary to wash hands before food and after visit of a toilet.

And some time family life reminds pastures of Heaven: everyone does favorite thing, nothing prevents career, and routine, house, uninteresting work is performed by other people. It would seem - everything simply magnificent.

But there is a small nuance I will tell you a story about the king. Almost fairy tale. In life everything is much more difficult, but - we will simplify for descriptive reasons.

Once upon a time there was a king Ludovic XIY. He was married to the queen, but alas, did not love her. The matter is that the queen in spite of the fact that loved the king, understood nothing at all and did not wish to understand in his work. She was not interested in the king, and only - the husband.

And the king wanted to love somebody. Charming (despite lameness) Louise de Lavalier (Louise - Fran ç oise de La Baume Le Blanc, de la Valli è re and de Vaujours) woke in soul of the king tender feelings.

She even gave rise to the king of four children (drove out of them two). The love proceeded long. The king was delighted. At first. Then he was tired he gentle Louise. She, as well as the queen, was interested in the man more, but not the king. And each man treats the work with a piety and gravity what to speak about the king.

Nature abhors a vacuum. The star de Lavalier`s mademoiselle was rolled up, at the same time in a sky of the Royal Court appeared a new star - madam de Montespan (Francoisa Atenais de Rochechoir - Montemar, the marchioness de Montespan). Madam de Montespan was ideal couple for the king. The king at last received that he wished always - the most beautiful, charming, clever woman of France. Such had to be near the king.

Madam de Montespan gave rise to the king of seven children (four more she gave rise to the husband - it is possible to envy her health). The king who is absolutely fascinated by the girlfriend made unknown - recognized these children, and Manx (the senior from the survived children) even included the duke in the list of successors of a throne.

Madam de Montespan successfully did career. As a matter of fact, from the very beginning of her love to the king was a peculiar career. Madam de Montespan began as the secret mistress (mademoiselle de Lavalyer was an official favourite of the king), then became a recognized favourite, mother of royal children, then - the uncrowned queen of France. Outstanding career! And what family life same fairy tale: the husband is a king!

Here only one cloudlet was in a sky of this career - madam de Mentenon (Francoisa D`Obinie, the marchioness Mentenon). Madam de Mentenon was a governess at children madams de Montespan. She was chosen fine Atenais for the simple reason: it was impossible to be jealous of it. Madam de Mentenon was not especially beautiful, did not differ in especially sharp mind, generally - was not anything special. Though it was educated, skillful to support conversation, knew foreign languages, it was elegant and possessed undoubted taste. But, of course, against the Royal Court that is called did not look . Seemed such gray mouse.

But here miracle what: the king refused the beauty Louise de Lavalier who loved not the king, but the man, the king refused beautiful madam de Montespan who managed to love both the man, and the king. The king married madam de Mentenon who loved only royal children.

Louise de Lavalier did not suit the king because was too housewife . Live Louise now, she would find the highest pleasure, washing the husband socks, giving it a breakfast to a bed and infinitely nursing children. If finance of a family allowed, Louise would not work, and would be engaged only in a household.

Madam de Montespan eventually tired the king. Tired to such an extent that when she died, he forbade children to be on her in mourning - to children whose mother she was, to illegal children whom he officially recognized for the love of their mother!

Live madam de Montespan presently, she would be typical business - vumen. The woman who is adjusted on career. Yes, she would make everything that the husband was proud of it. It would be exhibition sample the wife for representation - also would find in it pleasure. But by and large the family would be required for it so far as - as. The main thing - career.

Madam de Mentenon was happy golden mean between mademoiselle of de Lavalier and madam de Montespan. It was enough also for career (moreover what! From the poor noblewoman to the king`s wife), and on a family. Career did not prevent it to be engaged in education of children, did not stir family life (as far as in general it is possible to speak about family life in the annex to the king).

Live madam de Mentenon now, she would be an ideal wife for any: and for the engineer living for one salary and for the oligarch. The engineer she could support, help him to promote. Francoisa would grow up from the engineer at least the plant manager. Become it the wife of the oligarch, the best wife for representation and at the same time for a family cosiness it would be difficult to find. She could lead a secular life and at the same time - not to forget about the family center. And still she would manage to make career, independent of the husband.

As you can see, career and family life is compatible. It is only necessary to remember - whom kings prefer to marry.