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Why to the woman of PMS or How to derive the maximum benefit from your cycle? It is necessary to recognize

: between the woman and the man there is a huge difference! It does not mean that someone is better. We as two sides of one diamond. Just different! The man lives consistently and purposefully, the Woman - is rhythmical and cyclic.

Most of modern women build the life, is absolute disregarding this of the fact, seeking to keep up, and even to overtake men. But if the woman follows the cycles and rhythms, she will be able to achieve much more, both in business, and in life.

For each woman the most important - to be adjusted on a personal internal rhythm. The woman has several cycles which exert impact on her, and the basic are menstrual. The modern woman, most often, is negative to the periods. It is what prevents it to live, bringing excess trouble and experiences. And this relation is most often connected with ignorance of the nature.

And this period (periods time) is intended by the nature for accumulation by the woman of energy and force. But certain conditions which most of women do not observe presently have to be for this purpose satisfied. And many just do not know and do not suspect about existence of those that, as we know, does not exempt from liability.

So, recurrence of female periods is connected with lunar rhythms. Ideally day of the most severe bleeding has to fall on a full moon. And an ovulation - on a new moon. The periods have to last 2 - 3 days.

Ancient women in days of periods left everything - economy, children, men - and retired where nothing could disturb them. They enjoyed this a privacy , united to the nature and came back, full of strength and inspiration. And then it was what to share with the man, children, than to fill the house, the space. They with ease coped with all affairs, supported and inspired men on feats, with pleasure took care of children etc. of

This need for privacy in days of periods at women remained still. But unless we are able to afford such luxury? The whole 2 - 3 days in a month of a privacy?

And what such PMS, in your opinion? Same simply perverted way of your body to send all where far away that all left you alone! And you could retire! Someone from women one week prior to periods becomes vulnerable and whining, someone opposite to angry and aggressive, dispersing the people around himself.

Many women heard more than once: At you that, PMS, perhaps .? At last it becomes clear to your relatives, colleagues, acquaintances in what business, and they leave you. Only you can be filled by this moment with nothing any more As the stress takes away a huge number of forces. And PMS is a severe stress. For this reason many women during periods feel exhausted.

And what if to organize the life so that not to torment either itself, or the favourite people with this PMS? There is no opportunity? Well, then suffer! Also torment others. And at the same time the woman always has such remarkable cover - at me PMS!

But if you look around, then you will see that if the woman wants something, she will surely find a way it to organize or to receive. And for this purpose it is necessary just to take the responsibility for the life and to agree with people in the life that these 2 days - yours and you devote them only to yourself. It is ideally better to retire that nobody pulled you that you did not need to resolve any issues for anybody to care. And when you will return from the privacy, you will have enough forces to bring the business to new level, to inspire the man, to enjoy the children and to make the house cozy. And in several months of such PMS mode will disappear. At your body in it will not be mute just need.

And still as far as secrets which will help you to derive the maximum benefit from your cycle.

In a female cycle there are two moments which are important for considering when you build the life taking into account the rhythms. Usually in day before periods there is certain tension, nervousness, hypersensibility. The meaning of life is lost, all and all irritate around. Such here the most unfortunate day in the woman`s life. But it is only one day ! As soon as the periods begin, this tension will fall down, life will be adjusted and will find sense. It is not necessary to make important appointment this day, to communicate with a large number of people. Do not appoint the wedding day or celebration of birthday. Because even if all will be very good, then to you it will be all the same bad. This day needs just to be worried.

But the world is very harmonious, and in life of the woman is also the happiest day . And usually it falls on the period from 14 to 18 day of a cycle. And your task - to watch itself and to define the happy day in the personal cycle. This day even if all develops not really well, all of you equally feel joyful and inspired. So the wedding, a holiday, important meetings this day usually take place remarkably. And you have the most optimistic impressions. It can use for the benefit of all.

After the periods ended, the woman becomes pacified, quiet and flexible, the body it is weakened and pliable. During this period of a cycle it is necessary to go to have a rest. And rest will take place perfectly. Your cycle will support you in it. Such rest will last for a long time. Besides during this period it is possible to grow thin. Your body with pleasure will support you in it. And the result will be the best.

All the matter is that after an ovulation the woman passes into other period of the cycle and becomes more intense and rigid. The same happens to a body - it strains. If you go to holiday at this time, then it is very difficult to you to relax, all the time something disturbs you. And you begin to abuse yourself that so long waited for this holiday and cannot switch in any way To grow thin besides at this time it is useless. Every day the body becomes more and more intense and does not give the stocks. And all your efforts will be vain.

During this period it is better to be engaged in affairs, business, career etc. To resolve issues which demand rigidity, firmness and confidence. During this period you will be magnificent in it.

When you recognize the nature, the features and build the life so that they worked for you, but not against you - it gives you strength and Inspiration. And it is the Success basis.