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Whether bitches of the bitch?

This fashionable psychological current - a stervologiya - appeared recently. About ability to be a bitch books are written, the websites are created, seminars will be organized. Here on one such seminar I also descended.

The beginning was rather aggressive. If you think that, remaining the obedient meek creature, you will be able to execute the dream, you strongly are mistaken. Us learned to be obedient, to adapt to a situation, but inside at us everything boils. To be a bitch - here a success basis. Treat others as they treat you. The bitch wants to be main, she does not allow to win over herself and is sure that the end justifies the means .

However then it became clear that means for achievement of the objectives at bitches absolutely even not shitty. Here we not will learn to choose men to match of wall-paper, to reduce scores with competitors and to spin intrigues. Not we will study also how it is correct to saw the husband. Saws from which husbands run, are not bitches, these are silly women. The real bitch will never be called the bitch. It will call the real woman, favourite, mysterious, desired, gentle, the most necessary. And from drank husbands run to us. Because we know what is the true power over men.

Many of us have an irresistible desire to urge on the darling every time when we wanted to take out the washed clothes on a balcony, to hang up a locker or to get on in the world. Of course, your desire - not a trifle. Just operate actions of your partner in life not obviously. It is not necessary to stand up for the rights. Let he will think that you obedient and appeasable, even a little helpless. The main thing governed: small concessions conduct to big victories. Small submission conducts to the big power. The woman who gives, without demanding anything in exchange, receives everything.

I know, you want that he made it for you. Let will prove the love - you think. It is not necessary to hurry. Consumers of the man are hated and in every possible way try to punish them. Suffer a little, and you will be able to use the man for sex at night, preparations of a breakfast in the morning, draggings of furniture in the afternoon, for opening of bottles in the evening and for payment of your requirements round the clock.

If you cannot keep silent and concede, then you are not a bitch. You are the victim of vanity whose destiny - loneliness. If your vanity is stronger than your feminity, to you not to see respect of men. So it is not necessary to build a face of the martyr when the man makes you any proposal. On the contrary, pretend that you with pleasure are ready to follow it.

Stop up the damned feeling of a protest, and you will win, and then will appropriate his body and soul. But it not the main thing. The main thing - in each our act appears a cry about love. At us, girls, only four requirements: to love, to be darling, to raise the children and to feel a little as the best. And for all this we need men.

Recently I bought the " magazine; It is cosmopolitan all devoted to the subject Lonely, but happy . I read all articles and dared to doubt. It is possible to swagger, of course, on the " type; not painfully - that there was also a wish but I am sure, in soul each girl wants to have the constant close friend and considers any pleasant man as the potential husband. If it is honest, we have no other hope, except dream that one fine day we will meet the good man who will understand us and will appreciate. And which will extend us from this bog.

Become such as I want - many young women begin to demand. They are sure that for the sake of happiness and farther their beloved will begin to be with them ideal. Do not become. Even begins to seem to them that after such requirements to be near you - at all not happiness.

The deepest delusion - to consider that men can be changed! Millions of women reach divorce only because do not know this law of the nature. Also curse the being all rest of life. It is really so difficult to understand that men such what are, and to take offense at them - all the same what to take offense at god who created all of us. You do not take offense at the nature, you live in it. Really so difficult, having fallen in love with pluses of the elect, to agree also to some of his minuses?

We speak to them: Become real men, and with you we will become the real women . They speak: Become the real women, and then we will begin to behave as real men . But someone has to begin with the first .

Then there were answers to notes.

Question :

- you Know, I have some feeling of a protest. Especially in sex. I want to tell all the time that I have to nothing to nobody.

Answer :

- Here we approach the main point. Never the woman who is correctly understanding one of the natural missions will be unfortunate - to be a pleasure source for the man. Women are created to please, excite and satisfy. The real women know it. To you, it is possible, apparently, that it is dishonest. Do not worry, the nature took care also of you. Because the woman, just giving love, will be able to receive in exchange anything.

Women can receive big benefit from men: to have a family, children, material welfare and satisfaction of all parties of the female mission, whether it be love, motherhood or rivalry. He solves for you one million problems just for the fact that you satisfy it, physically and morally. The real woman knows not only how to take, but, first of all, how to give. You can exploit from it, but is so gentle, with such respect that he also will not notice that he lives for a long time as it is wanted by you. Also will prove at every turn that his wife - the clear head and only in the world.

Not such it and awful, this stervologiya. Instead of vipers I saw here many remarkable wise women. Yes any man with pleasure will agree to live with such wife!