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How to achieve high-quality warranty repair? We begin with breakage and the Law... Welcome

, the only law in our country which works for the simple inhabitant, is a Law on Protection of the rights of the consumer. Only the majority of us does not even guess it, and only fatefully makes a helpless gesture when the unfair seller finds one thousand explanations why the guaranteed free repair cannot be executed, and complains about our legislation: a pier, far our country to Europe. And in vain.

Typical situation: the bought goods failed during action of a warranty period. What to do, where to go what to speak and demand in such situation?

Recently sellers household, slozhnobytovy and office equipments try to minimize the obligations to the buyer, without providing a guarantee for the offered goods (some even offer similar service for an additional fee), and are limited only to a guarantee of the producer. Well, to us will be enough and it to prove / return the. So, before you approximate the step-by-step instruction .

1. I Think, you should not remind, but all-: all checks, instructions, summaries and even packing are carefully stored during all warranty period. In the Russian Federation and the CIS countries the rule about provision of a guarantee in the presence of packing still works. It is possible, of course, and without ( absence at the consumer cash or the cash-memo or other document certifying the fact and conditions of purchase of goods is not the basis for refusal in satisfaction of its requirements Art. 18 of the Law), - but it is difficult.

2. At detection of defect, marriage, a malfunction, breakage emergence first of all we call the Seller (his coordinates are specified on the cash-memo), we call firm - producer, model of goods and we specify the address of the service center with which the contract for guarantee maintenance is concluded.

3. we Make copies of all carefully stored documents on goods and only after that we go to the service center.

4. In the center we watch closely what malfunctions are entered in the receipt on repair. If there are accessories - make the detailed inventory with the indication of serial numbers. We do it in order that at you were not gone excess details . Alas, happens and so. And still: we do not leave at the master originals of documents at all! You have a set of copies! That there were no misunderstanding, copies can certify right there the and masters signatures. If comes business to court, without originals you will not achieve anything!

And one more moment. It is clear, all of us earn additionally as all of us can. And master including. Therefore it can try to refuse to you warranty repair. If you are sure that malfunction is not result of misuse, safely demand examination. The Seller has to pay it. If he refuses, and you should pay off from own pocket, through court you will be able easily to return the expenses.

One more moment. In service can declare to you that there are no necessary details and repair will take a long time But! For a certain bribe a miracle - the master - well - will get a necessary detail from personal stocks and then repair will take 2 - 3 days Invitingly, and a payment seemingly small do not agree only at all on it at least for two reasons:

If it happens so that during the guarantee period you should address to the service center again, then almost for certain it is necessary to fork up once again as repair was nonprofessional.

Under the same Law on consumer protection (Art. 20), lack of shortcomings of goods of spare parts, necessary for elimination (details, materials), the equipment and the similar reasons are not the basis for conclusion of agreement about new term (repair - a comment of the author) and do not exempt from responsibility for violation of term .

And now several figures and of quotes from the Law which knowledge it is possible to flaunt at communication with the master in the Center or the seller.

... defects have to be eliminated by the manufacturer (the seller, the authorized organization ) immediately, that is in the minimum time which cannot exceed forty five days .

... in case of elimination of shortcomings the warranty period lasts for the period during which the goods were not used .

... in a case... presentations of the requirement about replacement the seller is obliged to replace such goods within seven days from the date of presentation of the specified requirement .

... the goods of inadequate quality have to be replaced with new goods, that is the goods which were not in the use .

... for violation... terms, and also failure to meet requirement of the consumer about granting to it for repair (replacement) of similar goods the seller pays to the consumer for each day of delay a penalty (penalty fee) of one percent of the price of goods .

Be continued.