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What harmony of the family relations is? Long live, patriarchy?.

what all men - from Mars, and all women - from Venus, is known since the time of grandmothers of our great-grandmothers. So, we also communicate in different languages, and we behave as aliens! In total nothing and only in the interplanetary conflicts someone has to get the best sooner or later Who?

Option first, is unhealthy - matriarchal.

Matriarchy. Very scary word. At once there is an image of such babishcha with a rolling pin, and a row - the silent, killed hubby. An arrangement of forces, frankly speaking, not the most favorable, and for both parties! It what leaves - the woman directs everything and everything solves? Sounds invitingly, but in practice - that she receives an array of problems, mass of responsibility, the husband with an inferiority complex, plus - as a result - absence though some support and support.

Succession of events.

Actually, an outcome can be two: or the family consisting of the neurotic - the wife and the semi-husband, poorly - poorly exists, or the man remembers that he is a man, and runs where far away, having left the severe head of the family alone with the leader manners.

Option second, is unhealthy - patriarchal.

The fact that the head of the family - all this is the man we, women, acquired since small years: the father - a final authority, and here to snap with mother - lovely business Now we will present for a second that in a family there is too much fathers and very few mother - what it? The word of the father - the law, and mother and a mouth is afraid to open?! Even from the children`s point of view the situation looks badly, and in the adult world of a consequence and that is more harmful. When the man clearly points to the woman to her place and duties (to prepare - to erase - to clean), as remuneration for care distributing only all new instructions and inventing additional requirements, he receives in the person of the wife not the girlfriend and the adviser, and the uncomplaining gray shadow tiptoing on the apartment.

Succession of events. to

If to the man needs a pet, and the woman - the owner, then why and is not present? Eventually, many couples live quite so. But if only the woman has though some opinion, she will pack things and will escape up hill and down dale!

Option third, is healthy - matriarchal.


by Psychologists it is established long ago that many men at the subconscious level look for mother in the woman. Well, with full confidence I can tell that many women in the same way look for sonny . Anything reprehensible, pure psychology. If besides the wife earns much more husband, or at all is the only getter in a family, it is quite clear that she undertakes the main problems, at the same time all - listening to the husband.

Succession of events. it would Seem to

, everything is all right: mutual understanding and harmony, just slightly is in the lead the woman. Here only how to be with children? In such family the girl for certain will grow up imperious if not tiranshy, and the boy - the weak-willed henpecked. Besides, what to the wife to feel that her man in everything submits to the woman? Even if this woman - she?

Option fourth, is healthy - patriarchal.

Fortunately, the majority of families prefer this option, though a little trivial, but checked. The man - the head, and the woman - a neck, and we will write down! Unless it is possible to challenge that the husband - the getter making the vital decisions, having by all means consulted to the soulmate, and the wife - the fairy creating a cosiness and the benevolent atmosphere in the house?.

Succession of events.

the Ideal alignment of forces guaranteeing, as a rule, happy marriage and mentally healthy children!

Of course, it is impossible to program family life for the years ahead, however psychologists claim that behavior models are put in the first two - three years of joint life. Therefore during this time each of spouses has to be defined what he wants from a family: tranquility and harmony or uncomplaining obedience. Be happy!