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What is the French love?

French love usually call oral sex, more precisely, a cocksucking, or, on - scientific, a fellyation. This name means that such way of receiving pleasure came from France. However historians proved that had oral sex in Ancient Greece. Not to get undesirable posterity, the nobility preferred oral sex. In ancient Japanese, Chinese, Indian treatises about love the technology of oral sex is described. Whether primitive people were engaged in it? So far it is unknown.

In Soviet period it was not accepted to speak about it, But now new generation and to it any prejudices are alien. Caress cannot be dirty differently it something else. But sometimes the thought is unpleasant to the woman that IT should be taken in a mouth. There can be several reasons. The partner does not follow the rule of personal hygiene (rather tactfully to hint it at it) or the fact that the woman considers a penis as dirty part of a body because in the childhood in it it was inspired that sex - it in general is dirty. You remember well-known We have no sex! Such installation occurs at the women who are brought up in families with sanctimonious morals. For overcoming of this brake a peculiar game is offered: the penis is a peculiar copy of the beloved, caress and kisses you show to it the love.

For men oral sex often is an important component of love games. Psychologists offer to it quite real explanation. The matter is that men consider a penis as the embodiment of a machismo and thought insufficient " size; and will not rise can cause an inferiority complex. Subconsciously men identify the relation to the genital with the attitude towards themselves.

Oral sex is important and useful not only to men, but also to women. If face muscles weakened, instead of plastic surgeries by means of oral sex it is possible to train muscles. Even special " exercise machines are issued; Facial - flex . Well, and here absolutely free of charge, of course, if the man does not manage too expensive. Well and if the throat ached, and near at hand there are no means, except favourite and unique Sperm is a proteinaceous concentrate, remember that our grandmothers recommended to drink crude eggs at a disease of a throat. Thanks to the structure the mask from sperm possesses the easy bleaching and peeling action, and proteins pull together a time and nourish skin. But it is not necessary to put for a long time. The dried-up mask - a show not really esthetic.

One Frenchwoman asks another:

- You sometime saw the husband`s eyes during oral sex?

- Oh, yes! Somehow I sucked off... My God, what the husband had eyes when he unexpectedly entered the room!

About technology of oral sex conversation special. It is important to remember that at the woman sharp teeth, and it is gentle body.

And the last. Use of condoms. It is considered that at usual sexual intercourse use of condoms is obligatory, and at oral sex is not present. Big mistake. The matter is that in a mouth there are microinjuries, microscratches and an infection very quickly gets into an organism. The reverse situation - if the woman is chilled, the infection threatens the man. If is not present for 100% of confidence - SURELY the CONDOM! It is better to use with fruit taste. They especially for these purposes are also issued.

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