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To whom never happens boringly? The person who laughs

He not such as all. A smile to ears, eternally happy eyes and a crafty sneer. The old shabby jacket with favourite English patches on elbows and short trousers with looking out from - under a bottom gray socks. Convenient boots with the wiped sole, a breath of fresh air, and it is ready to battle again against ridiculous trifles which absolutely imperceptibly follow in large, but such cheerful difficulties. He will cope with everything. Otherwise also cannot be. A name of the desperate daredevil - Mr. Bean .

The actor was born in the small English town of Dorkhem, in the farmer`s family. The father not too - that sought to involve the son in sowing works. In response to it Rowan (true name - Rowan Etkinson) spent the most part of free time on the street, and wriggled in front of the mirror in the evening, posing ridiculous mugs.

Gradually similar hobby became a habit and when once at a table Atkinson built a ridiculous grimace to a jug with milk, mother surprised to a fright decided that on unusual behavior of little Ronnie the rural areas play. And after a while young Atkinson with all the emotionality is dipped in violently - the boiling city life.

Draft to novel, to something new and incomprehensible, force it to begin training at university of Newcastle. However, Ronnie there not for long studied. Delights of destiny expected it in Oxford known for the whole world where future world famous actor met the screenwriter Richard Curtice.

Together with it he was engaged in inventing of short comic rollers. Plots went one by one, inspiring children for new comedy feats. Once they went to a trip to a theater festival to Edinburgh. In the train, being bored to death, Rowan tirelessly looked in a window, involuntarily filling up and noticing the reflection in glass. Suddenly he smiled, put out tongue, rolled lips in a tubule, pushed serially eyebrows and loudly burst out laughing. Curtice already guessed that in the head of his talented friend the next idea ran. But, certainly, he could not guess an image of the somewhat eccentric, easy, thoughtless character under the name Mr. Bean. Besides, to think that this image will bring an international recognition, recognition, venerable film competitions and awards.

Rowan Atkinson was lit brightly and for a long time. In Russia silly Mr. Bean is known, probably, by everyone, beginning from the seven-year-old first grader, finishing the angry pensioner. But unless it is possible to be indignant when on the screen the figure of the uneasy Englishman who is darting about across all London behind a ball from golf, behind buttons with threads flashes. He constantly gets into ridiculous situations, but, without losing enthusiasm, easily copes with them. The bin does not have problems to calm the tiny baby who was incidentally lost by the mother, to fly by at a huge speed on a roller coaster, to come into Panic Room or to enjoy game with a favourite teddy bear. Mr. Bean lives in the world and is deeply happy that he lives. He invites to a dinner of friends, conducts negotiations with the administration, visits cultural institutions and entertaining actions, looks after the girl, however, not absolutely successfully.

But Bing also does not think to be upset. Looking, at first sight, amusing fool and the loser causing never-ending portions of laughter, the hero thereby shows that life is not so difficult around as it seems. He involuntarily forces to smile, look at the difficulties with a smile facing each person, to replace a losing situation with a trifling event. He rejoices, he has fun, he feels a life melody - he lives! He learns to live all of us!

Though in the real life Rowan Atkinson behaves practically as well as in the movies, he can quite be serious. Of course, for a while. But this gleam of time quite is enough to build a family, to play in theater and to write articles for the British automobile magazine Car . Hero, in a word!