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To what monetary mistakes leads irrational behavior?

All of us are reasonable people - in any case, we try to be them. And if still it is possible to explain irrational unreasonable behavior in private life (emotions read off scale, feelings prevent to concentrate and make the correct decision) or in communication with acquaintances, friends and colleagues (there was no time to consider the words, just like that escaped), then to explain irrational and unreasonable behavior in such, apparently, far vital spheres from emotions and feelings as cash security, very difficult.

Well really what such excessive feelings can seize you at the choice between a contribution to bank and mutual investment fund? What emotions can prevent to consider several options of capture of the credit? And how the bad mood (or on the contrary, too good) can affect purse thickness? What a pity that on such material things as a purse in particular and welfare in general, not only mind, common sense and mind (and it is desirable also the calculator), but also emotions, feelings and a condition of the person, both physiological, and psychological influence.

There are several typical mistakes which are made by people (and I including) who irrationally treat money, give in to feelings, emotions, the first impressions and still what does not know. After commission of such acts, usually there is a question: And where there was only my head when I did it? .

1. On a sphere and vinegar sweet.

Such words as sphere freebie free of charge as a gift stock discounts interest-free credit sales have magic sounding for many people.

Buy MR - the 3rd player - and receive the second free of charge. And it is unimportant, it is not necessary to you at all, in principle, because your ears categorically do not love earphones (the head hurts) that it outdated model and two more same already become dusty on mezzanines. But it is free. Take the interest-free credit under household appliances - and do not reflect that lack of percent is replaced with interest by the commission for use of the credit, for removal and charge of money, and as a result it turns out even more expensively. All this trifles, the main thing not to refuse to itself anything. All take - and I what, worse?

Take scores and count, in how many you the next free cheese will manage. Perhaps will be cheaper than it to buy? Or it not so is also necessary to you? As well as for what it would be possible to spend (with bigger advantage) or to invest money which to you was cost by these free of charge ?

2. Here and now.

are good words Here and now to focus on them the life. If only they do not spoil such concept as future . Any today`s fleeting pleasure does not cost that it could spoil your future. If today`s purchase is good only the fact that this thing - new, you will hang up it in a case (put on a regiment in a far corner) and it will turn out that it is not better (and sometimes and even worse) than what is already put by ranks in yours to a case, and its novelty will not be tomorrow novelty any more - then why to do such purchase?

The satisfaction from just made purchase often comes to an end after arrival home at once. That`s when there is a desire to go shopping with a thin purse (if the thing really very much was pleasant - it is possible to return behind it tomorrow). And in general it is better to derive such pleasure from other actions and processes, than from circulation on shops and purchases new and not always the necessary things - then in a purse more money will be, and in the house - more place there is less stuff.

3. In total on shelves.

Financial planning - it is good. Even it is very good, especially for those who cannot eternally get half of the sum which imperceptibly left a purse it is unknown where. For this purpose money is distributed on envelopes, different accounts, expenses under different articles in advance. Here only life does not stand still and has property to change and sometimes quickly enough.

For example, you save money for holiday next year, and the favorable offer - to buy a ground near the city or the car turned up here (provided that you anyway were going to buy them, the simple sentence came a little how you plan to withdraw money from the deposit). That is it is possible to refuse purchase that an envelope with the inscription holiday - 2009 remained whole and untouched. And it is possible vacation pay to spend money for acquisition payment, and then when the deposit closing-time comes, to withdraw from there the money which is earlier intended on the car or other purchase and to shift in an envelope holiday .

Or you had an opportunity to earn additionally and instead of putting this pleasant surprise in a bedside table or on the deposit - whether will be more favorable to pay off quicker with the credits (as it is known, rates on the credits much more exceed rates on deposits, and earn banks and the credit unions from it). Ability to maneuver in cash, their competent distribution plays an important role for growth of financial welfare. The main thing that such redistribution of means was reasonable and, finally, favorable to you.

4. The money spent for nothing .

you repair many months the old car. And if to count, in how many you its purchase, repair and contents managed, it can turn out that on this money it would be possible to buy another - is newer also with smaller appetite engine. And pleasure and advantage of driving on new (or rather new) the car you would receive more, than from a kovyryaniye in old an iron horse.

But is not present, trips on car showrooms, the markets in search of other car, call-down of friends and familiar with the same purpose - too troublesome occupation. It is better to repair slowly the old car, to spend for it money, nerves and time, than to resolve an issue once cardinally. Because already got used. It is difficult to be reconstructed and look in other party.

5. Irrational economy.

to receive benefit small, some people are ready to offer benefit big. Example from experience of own family: to save on a sheepskin coat dry-cleaner, it is spent in the afternoon for an obzvanivaniye of all salons, then the trip (2 more hours) to the other end of the world where promise to clean a thing 20 percent cheaper will be organized - and then the same trip is made in order that to take away this sheepskin coat. If to count money for the road there - back, payment for phone (it at us not unlimited), nerves and time for all this economy there is a question: and why was to arrange all this circus?

When the desire to save leads to overexpenditures - it is irrational desire, and it is difficult to justify it with something.