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He is given rise to be the killed? From a reserve gene pool of

In Belarus all young and old know about belovezhsky bisons that a bison (the European bison) - the animal of an endangered species, is included in the Red List and is under protection of the law. Many have heard a lot about a sad story of full destruction. And about that noble scientific work on restoration of the disappeared look that returned herds of the European bisons to the Belarusian woods.

The bison in Belarus is loved. It is a country symbol. Its image meets continually: from tiny and stylized on matchboxes to huge and realistic on vinila of external designs. Company Belarusian tincture bears the name Zubrovka the oppositional youth organization is called Bison the most known children`s camp of summer holiday - Zubrenok .

Bisons and people here in full harmony. Ask any Belarusian, as if he regarded murder of the forest giant, king of Bialowieza Forest? About probability of 99,9% you will be answered - as a crime.

And if to replace the scary word murder on tolerant selection shooting ? Here the Belarusian prizadumatsya and will scratch in a nape. It also is clear. It is difficult to give an unambiguous assessment - a Red Book animal - that all the same perishes. From here and public discontent with fall of 2007 - go when hunting for a bison after long decades of a ban was declared again by lawful.

It is clear, that selection shooting assumes a certain selective approach. But what is its cornerstone? On the one hand is vital for a look survival cleaning gene pool. To shooting are sentenced animals with obviously bad heredity. From the second party - need of regulation of a livestock on a territorial sign.

As on each person square meters of an actual living space, so on each bison - wood kilometers pay off. Dire necessity, but too, unfortunately, inevitable. The modern wood, appears, not so dimensionless and cannot accomodate all persons interested . Especially - the wood reserved, where animals are under protection and are reliably protected from possible poaching. So selection shooting, in this case, carries out (more true, supplements and accelerates) function of natural selection. In other words, it regulates number.

Here the most important begins. Excess bisons are discarded on age, a state of health, reproduktivnost indicators, existence of the serious injuries suffered in fights during rutting during a marriage season and other objective reasons. The special personnel of reserves are engaged in shooting. Or the commercial bargain and " is concluded; license for murder is given to the hunter on the party. The gained money goes to the state treasury, to fund for rescue of bisons, on development of infrastructure of national parks, entrance (including hunting ) tourism.

There is a question: and whether are necessary to hunters rejected bisons? What honourable is in murder of a lame, blind or old animal? It appears, hunting to hunting discord. There is a hunting for the sake of hunting, and there is a hunting for the sake of trophies. In the last process, how many result - the horned head and a skin is important not so much. They are measured and estimated on special international system - CIC (conseil international de la chasse) considering typicalness, symmetry and beauty of trophies. Medals are applied to high points (bronze, silver, gold). The total point is higher - the got animal is more valuable. This fact is confirmed by issue of the certificate which, fixing points and medals, confirms, at the same time, legality of the shooting which is carried out by the hunter.

There comes the competitive moment further - trophies () are exhibited at obligatory support of certificates when holding hunting competitions and exhibitions. The best of them win additional prizes, awards and titles. From year to year. In it, by the way, real advantage of trophy hunting. Using the CIC system, it is possible to compare modern hunting trophies to samples of last years (even with the remained samples from medieval collections), to note changes and to watch a condition of separate populations and the whole types.

But we will return to the Belarusian bisons. At the beginning of 2007 - go in their Belarus there were 730 heads, and the calculated optimum number for the country makes 500 - 600 (according to Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources). Plus, conditionally experts divided all population into two parts - the main gene pool and reserve. Distributed them respectively. Bisons from the first group got to reserves where any hunting is forbidden. And animals from the second - in the adjacent forest zones which are under supervision of hunting farms. Reserve bisons are also the main object of commercial interest. In other words, it is unlikely at least one spare the European bison will live to a ripe old age (average life expectancy - 25 years, age readiness to shooting - 14).

It is necessary to tell that hunting for a bison in Belarus costs much. Gold the European bison, for example, pulls for eight thousand euros, silver - on six, and bronze - almost on five. Address for licenses for shooting, generally foreigners. And it is active. However commercial interest is not priority here. If horned head hunters it appears more, than sentenced bisons, to some persons interested bloody pleasure it will be politely refused. Theoretically.

But where smells of money, the most perverted plans for ways of gold mining in circumvention of the law quite often are born. This is that the party of a question and the Belarusian public is concerned. Whether the situation with belovezhsky bisons from group of a reserve gene pool is most transparent? Whether data on a natural case of animals will be garbled? Whether figures about the actual number of subpopulations in hunting zones will be overestimated? Whether documents for " will be forged; rejections bisons? Whether will be? Whether will be? Whether will be?

Time and figures will show. The main thing that was not late.