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How to create the popular blog? Part 2

If to you is what to share, no, any reasons of it not to make. Especially as in our century of information and a world wide web, for this purpose it is not obligatory to stick leaflets at all and to do announcements on streets and in public places. It is enough to open the page on the Internet.

Now for this purpose it is not required even to have vocational education (though it will not prevent) or to be a genius - the self-educated person. But in order that your blog or the website was interesting not only to you to and close friends, it is enough to follow several rules. There is their second half.

12. Invite readers to subscribe for new articles by means of RSS. If you do not know

yet as - be not too lazy to send new posts on " soap; regular readers (after their consent); at the new blog not so there are a lot of constant guests, and then all the same make automatic mailing.

Your subscribers are already regular readers (if, of course, are not disappointed in you). And popularity of the blog is defined by the number of visitors. If the reader has a subscription for your blog - means, each new post itself to it will come. And if there is no subscription, then still it is unknown whether the visitor will visit your website or the blog and whether will read all posts. Even if it will have enough patience to click on all pages to read all unfamiliar posts - guess how it will often do it. Once a week? Once a month? And you are sure that in a month he will remember you?

13. Big article can be broken into several posts. it is better than

every day - a new small post, than one big article once a month.

14. The text of articles has to be readable. not to be lost by

I among advertizing banners and pop-up windows. Surely there have to be a title, division into paragraphs. The main ideas will be not superfluous to highlight with other color or to emphasize. Protect eyes of your visitors, do not put the smallest font size that on one page as much as possible symbols went in. Even if you the fan to poekonomit (paper, for example), then there is nothing to save on pages of the blog. This virtual space.

15. Offer visitors (if they liked) to add your articles your blog to bookmarks or the favourites.

So it will be easier for b to find it you in the Web.

16. At your blog there have to be not only articles to certain dates and events (they will not be long-playing and will exhaust in several days or weeks).

Agree, it is not really interesting to read about what gifts it is better to make for March Eighth if April. Not less than a half of articles have to be devoted to more universal subjects corresponding to idea of your blog. It is desirable that the majority of posts had no expiration date and it were equally interesting irrespective of a season, an economic and political situation in the country.

17. If your opinion does not coincide with opinion of the majority - do not mask and do not try to be as all .

On light any srednestatisticheky person who absolyutn6o in everything would be " does not exist; as all . If your blog is as everything why it then to read?

18. If the opinion of readers does not coincide with yours - be correct.

But do not agree with them only from desire to please and not to lose the reader. Everyone takes on something an independent stand - and you not an exception.

19. If there is an opportunity to create function of private communication of the reader with the blogger in the blog, then surely make it. Many people will not begin to write

questions and comments publicly.

20. Put statistical counters. they are necessary to

I for involvement of advertisers (if there is already a constant traffic), and most it is useful to know how many users visit you. And still it is necessary not just to admire counters, but also to analyze them. For example, if you half a year had the blog somehow, gave once a month on a tiny post, then and attendance will be corresponding. Not at once, but all the same will decrease to a minimum.

21. Communicate in chats and forums on the subject corresponding to your blog more, write comments and responses on articles of other authors - and put the reference not on the e-mail, and to the blog address. If your opinion is capable to interest in

others - to you even more readers will come from resources similar to yours.

22. Not necessarily at once to remove a gain from advertizing. If the blog still new and popularity does not enjoy

(can, just knows few people about it?) - it is more reasonable to spend this money for promotion. If to hang up references to your blog on more popular websites with similar subject (it is not obligatory on the main page - it will be more expensive) and your blog according to the contents is capable not only to attract, but also to interest and hold the reader - it will bring much more benefit.

23. If all also always bothers to do by rules - it quickly. Think up something the, add a highlight. Even the small skandalchik sometimes will not prevent for increase in popularity. Remember our stars of show - business, even at them career flies up the above, than it is more than shocking and scandals over them. Force people to speak about you and about your blog.

Good luck to you! It cannot be that hard. Not gods do blogs.