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For what it is necessary to go to exhibitions of dogs?

Me it is frequent - often ask How many to you is paid for participation in exhibitions of dogs? And very much are surprised when I say that do not pay me It is I I pay (from 400 to rubles - so far as much as possible was 1500, but I think that it is not a limit) a so-called exhibition contribution, and I pay the road itself too, both hotels, and visas (in case of need). By the way - I will a little distract - in the Soviet Union the exhibition contribution was 5 rubles - at a salary in 100 rubles, and it was approximately the same as now, not more expensively.

The following question usually sounds approximately so: Then why all this is necessary to you? Why you go to exhibitions?

Personally I just very much like the atmosphere of exhibitions of dogs, a state a holiday in soul . Now their vast majority - of show , the real dog holiday is very little carried out exhibitions in the form of breeding surveys!

Besides I am quite vain, and it is pleasant to me to show off with beautiful dogs (probably if I possessed several other appearance, I would become model, and so...) . It is pleasant when my dogs win, win - it is an assessment of my talents and abilities as dog breeder. Means, I could choose a puppy, grow up him, teach to be exposed and in general it is better to prepare, than others! Of course, besides there are a lot more other conditions of a victory, but, time we won, so and these conditions I could to calculate correctly.

Still I am very much attracted at exhibitions by a possibility of communication with same sick dogs people, as well as I There is a mass of people with whom we communicate only at exhibitions. They to me are pleasant and nice why I have to refuse to myself such communication? Very pleasant feeling - to be there and to communicate with those who - you precisely know - understands you!

Still there is such moment as adrenaline For the sake of it some people jump with a parachute, go down in caves, alone cross the seas and oceans For some reason comes to nobody to mind to ask them why! And why athletes participate in the Olympic Games - hardly, only in a pursuit of a prize fund. It is simple to eat special spirit of a competitive spirit and pleasure of a victory (let small, for example, receiving title the best dog in the class the best representative of breed ) in general it is difficult to compare to something!

And I usually say to those who does not understand a similar sentimentality that I participate in exhibitions with the purpose to receive titles for the dogs as puppies from the titled parents are much more expensive, than from untitled (usually all well understand this argument!) . And to advertize my dogs - suddenly someone wants a dog of such breed, but does not know where to take. And here will come to an exhibition, will see my beautiful, well-mannered, prepared for an exhibition dog, and to himself will want! Or perhaps somebody else both did not decide on breed and came just on purpose to look after to itself

For knitting of a dog the owner chooses boughs (the truth, then the owner of a dog can refuse, but it happens seldom), and from where still the owner learns boughs, my dog is how beautiful if it is at home on a sofa to sit? That is, of course, there is a probability that the owner incidentally will pass boughs by when you walk in the yard with your boy. But if the boy in very good form, is well-groomed and beautiful - why and not to expose him? Reports on exhibitions are published in large film logical magazines, on the Internet. Learns the whole world about your dog! In any case, that part it which it can interest.

Still there is such moment as the description of the specific expert For example, I consider someone as very competent expert, and it is interesting to me him mneniyeo my dog - to draw the corresponding conclusions, perhaps, to correct something In that case I will go to an exhibition even if it it will be far or there will be very big competition On an exhibition where the knowing expert - " judges; porodnik sometimes it is worth going even without dog, just to find out for itself new tendencies in the to breed to look what it is necessary to aspire to.

By the way, that who wins at exhibitions give prizes Sometimes very good (like TVs and microwave ovens), once even played the car, in any case, I saw such prize only once). Almost always as prizes give forages and everyones pleasant dog trifles, often such which cannot be bought it is only possible to win... Once (the truth, I did not see, only heard) organizers of an exhibition for everyone conferred a title a champagne bottle!

But a thicket give only " sockets; (too it is very pleasant to hang out them on walls and then with negligent pride to tell friends: We won All this! ), occasionally cups Few times was at exhibitions where prizes (quite modest) were won only by the dogs who won group. The size of a prize fund and quality of prizes depend on the number of participants of an exhibition, existence or absence of sponsors and greed of organizers .

For me participation in exhibitions is an opportunity, not an opportunity, but a reason for trips to the different cities and countries is more right even (At all my love to travel I could hardly go to the same Lviv or Stockholm just like that.) And for a family a good occasion to live without mother

I cannot be forgotten about patriotism. The dogs winning at exhibitions of level of the World Cup or Europe really support prestige of the country, however, enough in narrow circles.