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How to restore the Windows XP by means of the restoration console?

There are cases when the Windows XP operating system refuses to be loaded, at the same time there is a system message that the Windows loader is damaged , or the register of Windows is damaged , or system files are damaged. At the same time it is not possible neither to come to a restoration point, nor to load the last successful configuration, nor even to be loaded in the safe mode. In such cases most of users start reinstalling an OS at once though, as a rule, it is possible to restore operability of system in 5 minutes, having used the so-called console of restoration.

For this purpose it is necessary in BIOS to establish loading with CD - ROM`a , to place in a tray of CD - ROM`a a loading disk with an adjusting Windows XP Professional package and to reboot. When the fitter of the Windows XP loads the files into random access memory of the personal computer , the " dialog box will appear; Windows XP Professional Installation the containing menu of the choice from which we are interested in the " point; * To restore of the Windows XP by means of the restoration console, press [ = to Restore R] .

Press R . The restoration console will be loaded. If on the computer one operating system is installed, and it is (by default) established on a disk C:, that will appear the following message:

1: C: / The WINDOWS

In what copy of Windows it is necessary to execute an entrance?

Enter 1, press of Enter

the message Will appear:

Enter the password of the administrator:

Enter the password, press of Enter (if there is no password, just press of Enter ).

There will be an invitation of system:


Enter of fixboot

the message Will appear:

Final section: C:.

you Want to write down new loading sector in the section C:?

Enter y (that means `yes`).

There will be a message:

File system in the loading section: NTFS (or FAT32 ).

the FIXBOOT Team writes down new loading sector.

New loading sector is written successfully down.

On the appeared invitation of system C: / WINDOWS>

enter of fixmbr

the message Will appear:

** the PREVENTION **

is present At this computer non-standard or inadmissible main loading record. When using FIXMBR it is possible to damage the available table of sections. It will lead to loss of access to all sections of the current hard drive.

If are absent problems of access to a disk, it is recommended to interrupt work of the FIXMBR team . you Confirm to

record of new MBR ?

Enter y (that means `yes`).

There will be a message:

Is made new main loading record on a physical disk / Device / Harddisk0 / Partition0.

New main loading record is successfully made.

On the invitation of system C: / WINDOWS>

enter of exit , reset of the computer will begin. Press of Del , enter BIOS Setup and appoint loading from the hard drive.

In 95% of cases thus it is possible to restore operability of Windows XP OS .


1. If you do not know that such the Register Windows and the console of restoration, in similar critical situations - in order to avoid deterioration in a situation! - do not try to correct all, - it is better to ask for the help experts.

2. If more than one OS are installed on the personal computer, do not use recommendations of this article, - at once address experts!

3. Recommendations of this article - NOT panacea! It is POSSIBLE (but whether it is necessary, solve!) to use them when it is impossible to come to a system recovery point, to load the last successful configuration (the personal computer is not loaded even in the safe mode), and you were already going to reinstall OS.

I wish you good luck always and in everything!