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How to create the popular blog? Part 1

to create the blog, it is not obligatory to finish FAVT or to have the diploma at least about the termination of computer courses. Of course, the knowledge modern a web - technologies will not prevent, but it is possible to manage and so - there would be a desire.

For creation and promoting of the blog should follow several simple rules . And the most difficult is not rules (they - that are just rather simple), namely their regular observance.

1. Think up a lung and the memorable name, that having seen once, the visitor remembered it at once. Also make URL which will correspond to it.

2. To write that it is really interesting to you and what you understand.

That is if you are not absolutely popular with girls, but you want to create the blog about the pickup - at first learn to communicate with girls, and then give advice.

If you as obliges understand rocket installations, then sooner or later will be able to find regular readers. The main thing that maintaining such blog did not get under definition disclosure of the state secret though your blog on this subject will hardly find wide popularity and popularity.

3. You will choose a platform, convenient for work.

If you do not understand Wordpress or other platform (Wordpress is taken for an example, I also there badly swim, but it does not mean that a platform bad), do not create the blog with its help. Of course, the blog everything is it is possible to create and already in the course of work to study. But it will only have an adverse effect on quality of the blog. Maintaining a bolg has to be convenient and not demanding continuous coercion to work.

4. Regularly update the blog. For a start (the first several months) can and be updated by

daily, you look and the habit will be developed. If the guest once comes on your blog, and in a week will appear and will not see anything new, then the probability that it will come more and more, is, but very small. If does not see anything after several calling - you can say goodbye to it. This is not your visitor. Now he will call on other bloggers. Once a week for the new, just created blog is a little. So new visitors are not attracted, are only frightened off. It is possible to come into such blog quarterly - all the same more than 12 - 13 articles or posts will not be there. And who will remember the blog next quarter? Especially, about the new blog from which still it is unknown what to wait.

5. Personify the blog. Tell

about yourself, only do not begin each offer with the word I it irritates. It is interesting to readers on whose thoughts and posts they spend the time. Always there is a wish to see (or at least to represent) the partner in communication. And the blog is first of all communication, let and mediated.

of 6. Find pleasure in blogging.

Perhaps over time it will begin to make for you profit - if becomes popular. The paradox is that the most popular for some reason are blogs created on interests, as a hobby. So Max Kraynov`s blog, for example, does not place advertizing at all and does not earn from it. Though could, he constantly holds the top places in a top of blogs about finance.

7. Avoid banalities.

is Sent from work, have a rest, wrote article or at least a small post. Also make it the habit. Only do not write: Woke up, descended to wash, has breakfast, was at work and pretended that worked, came back home, My God, what traffic jams, he is terribly tired, it is time to sleep . It to anybody not news and is interesting to nobody. If you have no thoughts which could interest someone or at least tell something new - better one - two days have a rest. Both soul and a body - in the fresh air, actively. Or read others websites and blogs if you cannot live without computer at all.

8. Allow visitors to comment on your notes. Even negative responses it is better for

than silence and the ignore list. The blog is a communication. But if there are comments - means, are not indifferent to you.

9. Respond to comments.

the Visitor tried, wrote, stated the point of view. Means, something you it hooked in positive or negative sense. Refusal of answers to comments can be apprehended as refusal of communication. You will not begin to answer - will cease to send comments and, perhaps, in general to read your notes. You the silence let know that you are not interested in thoughts of your readers (perhaps, you do not even read comments to the articles). Communication cannot be unilateral (and blogging is communication too), otherwise it will not be long.

10. Do not disregard questions of guests. Having answered with

several questions, you can catch the regular reader or the subscriber. And over time - the friend or the partner.

11. Do not do too clever and serious face .

Sometimes can and poyernichat and joke even if your blog about serious subjects. The excessive, covered gravity (including in the blog) can bore. As Poles speak: shcho zanadto - that is not sensible.

Continuation - in the following article.