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Whether always from dogs in the house wool and dirt or What dogs do not fade?

Most of people (especially women, but there are also men - neatniks) reason the unwillingness to have a dog the phrase: From them dirt and wool on all house! It Is Clear, that such people just do not want to get a dog that dirt and " wool; for them only a pretext, and I do not want to overpersuade such people at all. And here those who a dog really want, but at the same time worry for purity of the dwelling, I will try to calm a little.

To cope with dirt quite easily - by means of a rag and a basin. That is every time, coming from walk, you just do not let a dog further a hall, without having wiped with it a paw, and in slushy weather - without having rinsed it under a shower. Well and, if walk was especially active, there were games with other dogs, a fulling in sand and a grass, the shower is obligatory! And time in 1,5 - 2 months (some is more often, is more rare than others, it depends on breed and specific features of a dog) - full bathing with special detergents.

Slightly - slightly I will distract (for those who allow dogs to get into a bed; very few people admit it, but resolve very many) - get to a dog a pajamas, something like thin elastic overalls with elastics on paws and around a neck. As do not wash a dog, and separate grains of sand all the same in wool remain. Let better them fall in a pajamas, than in your bed.

The fact that after food it is necessary to wipe a muzzle is a law. If you are not in time, the vast majority of dogs will joyfully wipe it about your furniture and carpets that does not promote purity in the house at all. Dogs who eat accurately are quite rare.

But, except dirt, there is still a wool. All live dogs surely fade. In principle, not only dogs, but also any living beings. Life expectancy of hair is much shorter than life expectancy of that on whom hair grow, dead hair drop out - it is and is called a molt. The molt proceeds all the year round, but in the spring and in the fall it is especially plentiful. And sometimes it is very noticeable all the year round.

Reasons excess molt:

1. The wrong diet which is not suitable this specific dog;

2. Shortcoming or excess of vitamins;

3. Worms or other parasites, for example fleas;

4. Hormonal violations;

5. Metabolic disorders;

6. Stress;

7. Allergy;

8. Too high temperature indoors where there lives a dog;

9. Incorrectly picked up shampoo, the conditioner or some cosmetics;

10. Too frequent washing.

Well and some more... Having found out the reason (sometimes for this purpose it is necessary to become the real Sherlock Holmes and to apply a deductive method), you will understand that it is necessary to make that became wool in the house less .

But there are breeds of dog from which there is practically no wool in the house! I do not mean only naked dogs (not to everyone naked animals are nice), there are quite woolen and even very woolen breeds in which houses of owners there is no wool or its minimum.

In the beginning we will understand what in general as wool dogs are. All dogs share on:

usually it is a lot of Long-haired

From such dogs of wool in the house. But, in - the first, their molt most often has seasonal nature, and, in - the second, to clean long wool quite easily. Besides, if the dog goes in hair curlers, then she is regularly combed out (sometimes 2 - 3 times a day), and the dropped-out hair remain on a hairbrush. But beauty - that what! Besides, there are still conditionally long-haired breeds of dog (for example, a golden retriever, a border - a collie, a setter) - the heaviest option in sense of cleaning in the house.


Wool from sleek-haired dogs pours at all not less, than with long-haired (on an apt expression of my friend - breeders of Dobermann terriers - as from a needle fir-tree ) and to clean small needles much more difficult But sleek-haired dogs look very athletically, the muscular relief is not hidden under " fur coat;.

Here from them does not have Wire-haired

of wool in the house practically! Not because they do not fade but because wool at them has special structure, the died-off hairs are removed during trimming. If to cut a wire-haired dog, but not to trim (to pull out the died-off wool by means of special tools), wool will become not rigid, but soft, and will pour too. Regularly trimmed dog practically does not fade and has no smell.


Hair of such dogs drops out in the rolled-up look, separate balls. Lifted a wool lump - and in the house it is pure. Here it is possible to carry dogs whose hair is twisted in the felt cords reminding dreadlocks (bullets, commodores), - there too on a floor one lace which is not difficult for lifting at all falls.

From them does not have Nonhairy (naked)

of wool practically too. An exception - the Chinese crested dogs, their hairdresses and plumes are rather long. But anyway wool from them has more and more, than from any human family member. And there are individuals (especially among the Mexican and Peruvian naked dogs) on whom there is no hair at all - to fade there is nothing!

Well, besides, of course, any dog can just regularly be shaved under zero - and wool in the house will not be, but not to everyone pleasantly will go down the street with such dog.

But even if all your house to the ceiling will be filled up with dog wool - nothing terrible! In - the first, there are vacuum cleaners, and in - the second, it means that at you in the house there lives the most wonderful being loved by you so that ubiquitous wool seems to you a trifle. Besides, it is possible to make a set of remarkable things of dog wool, up to a beads and pictures (and not just medical belts and mittens), - but it is already a subject for other article