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Than we breathe? Our ancestors spoke about air so...

Air - one of basic elements of Slavic mythological tradition. Directly it, it seems, is also not present at quality of the character or circumstance accompanying an event: that, other, still what... Nevertheless, the concept of spirit and soul at Slavs is connected with it, with air. Say and feel: a cart - spirit...

It connects the sky and the earth, without it and there is no life. The concept of wind is directly connected with designation of air at Slavs that is not casual: he, air, does not stand still, and moves. From olden days it was so moved, and at us it is automatically perceived, and earlier - that was sacred.

Here how many experts, for example, read - re-read Tale of Igor`s Campaign ... Also settled, at last, that according to treatment of the ancient author, winds are stribozhy grandsons. So, Stribog Slavic - god of wind. And air too, huh? Or not?...

Actually, in one mythological system never and any grandfather was allocated with the rights of management of descendants in a post - a post-knee. To the children could judge yes to rule, and to grandsons... It would be not on honor Slavic. Grandsons were only loved yes grandfathers cherished.

There could not be they at ancestors without presence of direct parents, - from where differently? Who are they were? About mother history dark, we will talk separately later. And here from where these stribozh grandsons took a name wind? It on the father was transferred in Russia.

And we will remember - we Perun - the Thunderer who was at the same time a donator of a rain, fertility and the life, at last! It is quite logical to assume that the movements of a vozdusiya could not do without it.

And how he made it? Let`s look through the Russian national fairy tales: in a number of plots Perun rules over winds. But how?! And notice what at all Indo-European gods - gromovnik attribute of force is... eagle. On many Slavic beliefs, the huge eagle covered with a wave the creates an air movement, i.e. wind. On the Senior Edda (Scandinavia) a giant eagle on a world tree Iggrasil creates wind, mashucha krylam too.

And Pushkin Alexander Sergeyevich you remember? The king`s son Eliseus looked for - looked for the bride whom he - only did not address, but only wind (an air movement) gave the answer. Why? Because without this air traffic and life is not present. The breath - an exhalation, accepted - gave.

And the two-headed eagle, nowadays and prisno - shows us what can wave or be late, and to us as a result to live or... Where without air which not just hangs, and surely moves! And when we do something, too we create the movement, at least, in air, i.e. we help if not to creation, at least, preservation and continuation of life.