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What is effect of a bat? I told

B of one of articles to you about features of compensation at blind people of lack of sight. Except features of compensation there are also so-called compensatory mechanisms. They are still a little studied, and it is very difficult to explain the majority of them without use of special medical terminology.

But I will try to tell of one mechanism to you in simple available language.

Is probable, someone from you saw a bat and if did not see then many are familiar with her way of life, how she perceives surrounding objects as she gets to herself food, not natykayas on obstacles. As bats generally live in caves and other similar deepenings, there, where light as it is night animals, about any development of sight in them out of the question does not arrive.

But how to catch the production yes to orient in space, without using organs of vision? Sense of smell? Feeling of heat? Yes, and it too, but all the same main assistant a bat the hearing is. And not just delicate ear, and it is rather an ability to catch the sounds which are not heard by any other ears - ultrasounds.

These ultrasounds are published by mice, that is they peep at a frequency perceived only by them. Here the mouse on hunting takes off, begins to peep, and the sound made by it is reflected from all objects met on the way, and letunye are heard already by an echo, the sound reflected from an obstacle, being guided on it.

Why I told about a bat and at what here blind people? The matter is that the person deprived of sight, especially since the birth or the early childhood uses abilities which are possessed by the rodent mentioned by me.

This mechanism of compensation and is called effect of a bat or phenomenon of a bat or echolocation phenomenon . You will ask a question: Really people peep too!? I Will answer

: Yes, sometimes peep, but it is very rare, first of all children so do. But if it is too close to approach the blind person going, trying to orient attentively to listen, look narrowly at hardly noticeable movements of his lips, it is sometimes possible to hear something, remotely similar to peep, whistle, a poshchyolkivaniye. If at the blind person of ability of echolocation are developed well, then nothing will be possible to hear similar. People with strongly developed abilities of a bat use not an echo from the said sounds, and an echo from the steps, movements of hands. Your obedient servant. For example, walking with a cane along the house, a fence, the car, bushes, accurately hears these objects, catches the sounds which are reflected from them though, till fourteen years I is imperceptible peeped not to face an obstacle.

The case when the ten-year-old boy who is unmistakably guided in any building, never stepping even on the objects which are randomly scattered on a floor quietly clicked language is known to me to receive echolocation (the reflected sound).

To the people who lost sight in youth, mature and advanced age, the effect of a bat can bring not smaller benefit, than sleporozhdyonny or early to gone blind, it is necessary to train only diligent the hearing, then abilities will develop, the vedpriroda is generous. Having deprived of the person something, she tries to give in exchange let not equivalent, but nevertheless the necessary function for adaptation and adaptation to new living conditions.