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Whether there can be paradise on Far North?

At all times people looked for an earthly paradise, strove for the sun, the sea, fertile soils. Ancient Greece - the finest of places on the planet. However Greeks kept the legend about the earth even more majestic, than their homeland: about the northern country Giperbory.

People live there, enjoying in feasts and fun, there is no evil, nobody should work as the nature itself gives livelihood, houses of people - the woods and groves, the death comes only from satiation life there. After taste of food and easy pleasures of an old age from some rock they rush to the sea. It is the happiest sort of burial It is impossible to doubt existence of these people . Pliny Sr. (So wrote 1 century AD) in the work Natural history .

However the main information about Giperborey is in myths, and the most ancient, long time existing only in an oral form. Here we find the narration about great titans - the Ancient Greek gods of the first generation born by Gey (Earth) and Uranium (Sky) which are grandmother and grandfather Zeus - the most ancient and powerful of the Olympic gods. The world of titans was located in the north therefore Greeks considered to Giperborey as the ancestral home.

The known giperboreyets Abarid and Aristya presented to Greeks of knowledge in the field of poetry, music, philosophy, helped at construction of the Delphic temple, with winemaking, beekeeping, taught to grow up olives Diodor Sitsiliysky (1 century BC) notes: Greeks are close to giperboreyets on customs and on the " language;. Many assume that the part of a uniform civilization as a result of a certain cataclysm (it is told to a thicket about flooding) or wars (perhaps, with Atlantis) from the North moved to the South and created new culture on the basis of the former ideas of the world there.

It was incredibly difficult to get to the ancient Greek back to Giperboreyu. Though the name of the country also gives a vector: with Ancient Greek behind a north but there are no accurate reference points. Only the elite found the desired earth.

But neither in melt, nor in you pt

Nobody measured a marvelous way

To a descent giperboreev.

Only Perseus -

the Driver of the people

Apollo whose cult was honored by giperboreyets arrives to them on feasts in the chariot harnessed by swans, once in nineteen years. Ancient Greeks were sure, as these people were similar to swans. In the giperboreysky region, speak, there are people in Pallena. As if the body at them puts on in lungs feathers . (Ovidy, Metamorphoses ; 1 century BC) it is possible, this mention of down clothes of northerners.

Myths about Giperborey are so archaic that else Herodotus (5 century BC) is the father of history - doubted its real existence. However many still try to find out where the mysterious country was located, calling it foremother of culture homeland ariyev speak about the sunk Arktid`s continent, investigate history of Celts, Germans, Slavs, Balts in search of the earth.

Pomony Mela (1 century AD) gives such reference points: Live on the edge of the North, on that side of Repeysky mountains (The Alps and the Carpathians), under the most Pole star Day proceeds at them six months and as much night " lasts;. And searches of the lost paradise continue in Greenland, on the Ural Mountains, the Kola Peninsula, Taimyr.

Oh, children of the sugary South,

Where too all is bright and motley,

In anticipation of a polar circle

magical shine with Fire stars!

There are no fairy tales more wonderfully on light,

Than the North will tell, I trust, there is no

I anything on the planet

More perfectly, than Giperborey!.

(E. Laricheva, fairy tale Granddaughter of the wizard )