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How to survive in the conditions of financial crisis? Recipes of positive mood.

we did not wait for this crisis. Began to live well. To afford a lot of things. Each of us will leave it another. Someone devastated, someone updated. And someone will not even notice, as crisis - that was! For all of us now the main task - not to allow crisis financial to cause crisis spiritual. We do not panic, we do not take away ourselves in a depression. We live as lived. And attentively we look around. As life is surprising! Our!

1. Look back. We do not notice each other long ago As your children grew up! As the wife got prettier. Or husband. What solid and wise became your friends. It is time to collect a bachelor party / hen night. It is not necessary to roll up a lavish feast. Favourite guitar, tape recorder. Slow conversation about that, about seven. Warmly and comfortably. As life is fine! Meet the people personifying your memory, your youth and the childhood more often. Together remember, considering an old album. Dream together. In total at you it will turn out.

2. Look back. Again the winter came. Powdered a road blizzard. Trees are fantastically beautiful. I leave the house and I get to the ice palace. The nature took care. To what it is lovely to heart! Admire this beauty. Fill soul fine. Attentively look at the frozen branches. They are live!!! Only sleep. And will wake up soon. And all at all will be good!

3. Look back. How many around us people who so need our help. Here the old woman tarried in the tram, will not leave in any way. Offer it a hand. In your house there lives a disabled person. You learned, maybe, he bread has nobody to bring? Lonely pensioners, your neighbors, how they live? You descend to them on a visit. Never went? It is time to get acquainted, to offer the help at the same time. Already not for nothing this day is lived! The thrown puppy, a little kitten, what to them in fierce winter? All of them need our help!

4. Look back! The new poster - circus lights fires. You were in circus long ago? Return to the childhood. Circus out of age and professions. It gives the art to all. Here also arrange yourself a small holiday.

5. Look back. New exhibition of works of local artists. Directly on the street, absolutely free of charge. Did not see earlier? And they always here exposed the works. You want to try? Take a Whatman paper and paints and You think, it will not turn out? Surely it will turn out! It is absolutely simple if to write with soul. And suddenly new Picasso or Shishkin will be to the world?

6. Look back. How many gloomy, worried looks. Smile! Once again. You give the smiles generously, to the right and on the left. And let pessimists repeat that now not time for smiles. Throw, a positive out of time. Who will bear a calf, will bear also a bull!

7. Look back. How many unread books on our shelves. It is a high time to begin them to study. No, not so. To enjoy reading. To savor each line. To open for itself new authors. To study at them. To become is wiser. More tolerantly. And, at last, to begin to live, but not to survive.

8. Look back. How many not passable courses and trainings. There are absolutely free. It is solved - I begin to grind away at the studies. Interestingly, and when I stopped gnawing it? Already cutters ground off

9. Look back. And there lives the love nearby . Real. As in books. It would already be time to make out it. And not to wait for spring. And to lodge her in heart for ever. Perhaps indeed... to fall in love anew with own husband? And all who looks for the only person - at last to find him!

10. Look back. How many old favourite movies wait for us. Gentlemen of good luck Girls Winter " cherry; Moscow does not trust tears . And one hundred more - another. How many to them to become dusty? Call all family on house viewing. Hot tea. Warm clever movie.

11. And the most important recipe - give the heat, the positive, the smiles, the happiness to relatives and strangers. Generously share, and to you it will return a hundred times stronger! And let time of world crisis will become the happiest time in your life. Be spiritually healthy!