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How to decorate a New Year`s table?

New Year`s hour Beats, slaves to serve to a table run;

... There is for a meal of guests a hostess chorus.

Ya I ozrevat a table - and I see different dishes

the Flower bed put by a pattern.

Is crimson ham, Russian cabbage soup with a yolk is green,

Is ruddy - pie, cheese white is yellow, crayfish are red,

That a resin, amber - caviar, and with a blue feather

There a pike motley are fine!

G. Derzhavin.

Soon - soon New year! Always high spirits at the end of December. Shine cheerful sparks of a show-window, inviting us behind purchases. The huge fir-tree is placed into a main square. What there crisis! Let`s forget about it. We have an important task - to lay the New Year`s table.

Began to smell a fir-tree and tangerines, gentle children`s memoirs Today the highlight of the program - our table. You took care of a beautiful thematic cloth? With hand bells and Snow Maidens, snowmen and deer. We lay the holiday table well ironed out and starched cloth. There is no such? Then we will make an excellent New Year`s cloth. We need any piece of monophonic fabric. From a taffeta to gunny. Even with the raw edges. Only accurately cut the edges on perimeter. If it is a fine fabric - just melt off edges a match. Accurately! Do not give work as the firefighter, they lay a table.

Iron a semi-finished product of future masterpiece and lay on a table. It`s cool! Now we will begin to decorate. Make audit of all the old deposits of rags or buy several meters of cheap fabric. The fabric contrasting with a basis is necessary similar on color or, on the contrary. Well draped. Transparent soft kapron is ideally suited. We will drape it on the table edge. At first we attach a pin edge, we do a small fold and again we fix the second pin. Such table as on a photo has to turn out.

We will decorate places of chips as the imagination and skillful handles will allow. It is possible to make a flower of fabric. It is very simple. You collect edge of a tape on a thread and you pull together. The beautiful rose turns out. You sew it to a junction. And it is possible to paste or sew ready snowflakes or hand bells. If you connect them or will accurately cut out from fabric, will starch and attach - it will be even better.

It is possible to go some other way. Instead of beautiful folds from fabric it is possible to hang up on all perimeter of a cloth a Christmas garland from cards. It is even simpler to make it. Prepare for each guest a greeting card. Weave a cord out of tapes or a rain. And it is better - interweave both that, and another. In a corner of each card make a small opening and string these pozdravlyalka on a cord. Attach it on cloth perimeter opposite to each guest. Both the table is ready, and congratulations! It is possible to attach cards to a cord colourfully ornamented clothespegs. It in general will be an exclusive of a name you!

Our cloth is ready. Prepare in the same style and napkins for each guest. Or bring in the usual napkins an element of festive registration in style of your cloth.

We decorate a table. Perfectly look in the middle of a table of composition from the fir-tree branches and cones decorated with litas, toys and garlands. Here where flight of fancy! Involve in this action of children - the holiday will be rather family. How to decorate a table by means of tasty oranges - already wrote last year.

We will add a smell to a New Year`s meal. Put a cut root of ginger, several broken cinnamon sticks, a handful of chishcheny nuts and several strips of a dry peel of orange. Sprinkle all 10 - 15 drops of orange and clove oils. This mix needs to be prepared in advance, it has to gain aromas, mix them. Put in a plastic bag and hardly tie. Leave for several days. Before a holiday lay out in a deep transparent glass vase or a salad bowl. If the smell for you is very sharp, put mix on a window sill or a hall. It will create fine aura of a holiday.

A New Year`s Eve - night special, magic. All of us wait from it for miracles and execution of desire. With creation of a mysterious and solemn situation we will be helped by candles. Them now a huge number on all New Year`s markets. The candle entered each house long ago and became attributes of a festive meal. We begin a feast always by the light of, and closer in half of the night we turn off a ceiling light and we light candles. It is possible to put them near each plate. Then it have to be small, beautiful candles in a candlestick or on a small dish. Perfectly compositions from candles in the middle of a table on a silver or mirror dish look. Scatter on this dish of an asterisk or confetti. And it is possible to start up floating candles in a round flat vase with water. I usually put glass beads on a bottom of such vase and I scatter petals of roses. Very romantically!

If you saw to it about a cover for champagne in advance - it will be chic! It can both be connected, and to sew from any brilliant fabric. And it is possible just to paste snowflakes or rosettes from paper or fabric. And even from the dried buds And at once the standard bottle of traditional champagne becomes a personal copy.

About what we forgot? AAA!!! Nameplates on plates. Involve in this action of the children. Surprisingly preparation. It is so much heat and charms bring such joint homemade products. At first make preparations. Draw a cliche of a fir-tree or a snowflake. As the excellent plate also the snowman will serve. The size of such picture has to be no more than the plate on which it will settle down. You cut out these figures from a dense cardboard. You paint them as your and children`s imagination will allow. It is possible to decorate them with beads, asterisks or spangles. In the middle write a name of the guest. Also you put to it on a plate. Now it was necessary only to seat guests as on a formal reception.

The New Year`s table is issued. It was necessary only to place dishes and drinks, to include a fir-tree garland, to let in festive music the house and to wait for guests!

Happy New Year!