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Than to be heated in cold winter evenings?

Not from the beginning of a heating season come to all apartments and warmly. In some all winter frosts proceed. It can be connected also with shortage of batteries, and with their bad work. But now not about it. And about by means of what devices rather of heaters, this heat can be got.

In general, heaters are divided into three look:

1. Compulsory type.

2. Infrared heaters.

3. Convector type.

Heaters of compulsory type to which fan heaters and heat guns belong, heat the room quickly, but rustle and create though warm, but draft that is not really pleasant.

It is possible to refer to this category also thermal veils. However they do not heat air indoors, and cut air cold. That is create a wall from the warmed air. Everyone faced similar heaters, coming into shops. Agree, it is pleasant from a frost under a stream of warm air to appear. This heater of the place will not borrow much. Because it usually in a ceiling is hidden, can even in suspended. Establish it long and for expensively.

The infrared type heaters - is good for heating in too big rooms or on open spaces. It is widely applied in hospitals. The matter is that warmly which it radiates on the room does not dissipate, and arises there where, actually, the heater is directed. And the counter is that it heats not air, and surfaces. Floor, walls, furniture, for example, and... people. Domestic inexpensive models have one essential shortcoming: when heating they begin to shine that can prevent during a dream.

Heaters of convector type - the most widespread and various. First of all, electric devices with the similar name - convectors concern to them. Are ideal for small rooms because the place is not taken much. Warm by the principle of air circulation - take away cold, let out warmed. Work silently, some models can automatically regulate temperature. Will heat the room to the set temperature and will cease to work, temperature is lower set will become - again will join. One but: you will not drag modern convectors from the room to the room, they are mounted on a wall.

Treat heaters of convector type and TENY are tubular electric heaters. They work by the principle of a tile, but it is much safer. Also cost only 300 - 600 rubles. However, for this money it is necessary to sit to you only in one corner of the room or on each corner to buy a separate heater. Because are not capable TENY to warm the big room, small - please, and here big in any way.

In the same category it is possible to carry also oil heaters. Their pluses are that they warm up the room evenly and longer than others cool down. Means, in the room longer heat will remain. However it is necessary to drive such device half an hour, it will not be warmed yet. And all these half an hour to freeze. It is possible, of course, to get a heater with the timer that the room before your arrival was warmed, but it is not recommended to leave the switched-on electric devices unguarded.

Once again it would be desirable to remind of safety rules at operation of a heater. Do not forget to switch off it from a network if you do not use. Or when you leave. And do not cover at all. Especially it concerns oil heaters. Very much they remind by the form the batteries and and attract to hang up socks and diapers for drying.

On average heating of 10 sq.m of the room requires the 1 kW heater. From this it is also worth proceeding upon purchase of the unit. Live in heat.